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  Pradyun Gedam 7c3028fa4d
Add automation for upgrading dependencies 5 days ago
  Nguyễn Gia Phong da7569a440 Document and start testing Python 3.9 support 1 month ago
  Pradyun Gedam cfaa08efed
Remove a sorted call 6 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam f5ff110df7
Apply suggestion from review comments 6 months ago
  Paul Moore 8d79644170 Make nox upload-release work on Windows 6 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam 4d42b89713
Fix copying distribution files from checkout 7 months ago
  Paul Moore e8613ffcaa Remove pip version requirement for vendoring 7 months ago
  Paul Moore 8db9f5bdb6 Add a vendoring session to noxfile.py 7 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam de633cdf4b
Significantly improve release version validation 7 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam a8058fe9e9
Speed up `nox -s docs` 8 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam 540d3aa0ec
Fix nox -s docs 9 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko d772171ad9
♻ Relocate get_git_untracked_files to utils 9 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 9d592b394a
🎨 Copy and log built dists explicitly 9 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 6f1a43e4b2
Relocate helper CMs to tools.automation.release 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 6a0b1f2675
Refactor the untracked files check 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 75f8c6d6ff
Reword has_git_untracked_files error log msg 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 3306f21ed8
Drop unnecessary build dir cleanup in tmp checkout 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko db028e516c
Refactor isolated_temporary_checkout CM naming 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko daba4b4c9e
Move tmp dir logging to build_release 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 01c4553754
Make mk_tmp_git_checkout docstring shorter 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko bed90abe2d
Remove `dist/` before copying the dists back 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 3da19325f4
Use nox.sessions.Session.chdir instead of os.chdir 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 63ee9b702b
Make release task build dists @ clean tmp checkout 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 957fb28b30
Abort on Git-untracked files in the workdir 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 231ce2e36c
Revert "🔥 Exterminate files that aren't Git-tracked" 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 9f92d3d465
🔥 Exterminate files that aren't Git-tracked 10 months ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko fb2598a645 Suggest a way of cleaning dist if non-empty 10 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam b9555fb9d4
Empty build directory before building distributions 10 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam bda17b73e6
Add dist/ prefix to expected filenames 10 months ago
  Pradyun Gedam 22cdfd6ad1
nox: Add a command for uploading releases 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam b94df0b570
nox: Log the correct command name in error 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 08a7f501e8
nox: Update interpreters available for testing 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 3dfa9e420f
nox: Remove pre-existing source distributions 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam db66b6eaf5
Add a nox command to build release artifacts 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 9e3e82e081
Rewrite release preparation automation 1 year ago
  Xavier Fernandez 8df9329396 Add release target 1 year ago
  Akash Srivastava c265ce1b48 (Fix Tests): Change method from shutil.remove to shutil.rmtree 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam db5432bf9c
nox: Install from a source distribution 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam f6d690406b
nox: Log details when reusing existing common-wheels 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 4048daeddf
nox: Better handle execution with protected pip 1 year ago
  Maxim Kurnikov 3692097cca add per-file disallow_untyped_defs=False, and set it to True globally 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 8ba9c1470d
Add a note that the nox commands are a "prototype" 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 20b58c33fa
Bring in useful comments from tox.ini 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 51dc60f8a7
Parallelize tests as much as possible, by default 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam 2f57f91110
More accurate docstring 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam a9ae6deacc
Add development commands to nox 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam a0044856d7
No need to create a virtualenv for generate_authors 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam ff53e6d7d3
Drop dedicated CI job for NEWS fragment check 1 year ago
  Chris Hunt 459c1c7e40 Validate NEWS files with rstcheck. 1 year ago
  Pradyun Gedam b33280d925
Add missing imports 1 year ago