The Python package installer
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"""Automation using nox.
# The following comment should be removed at some point in the future.
# mypy: disallow-untyped-defs=False
import glob
import os
import shutil
import sys
from pathlib import Path
import nox
from tools.automation import release # isort:skip # noqa
nox.options.reuse_existing_virtualenvs = True
nox.options.sessions = ["lint"]
"common-wheels": "tests/data/common_wheels",
"protected-pip": "tools/",
"docs": "tools/requirements/docs.txt",
"tests": "tools/requirements/tests.txt",
"common-wheels": "tools/requirements/tests-common_wheels.txt",
VERSION_FILE = "src/pip/"
def run_with_protected_pip(session, *arguments):
"""Do a"pip", *arguments), using a "protected" pip.
This invokes a wrapper script, that forwards calls to original virtualenv
(stable) version, and not the code being tested. This ensures pip being
used is not the code being tested.
env = {"VIRTUAL_ENV": session.virtualenv.location}
command = ("python", LOCATIONS["protected-pip"]) + arguments
kwargs = {"env": env, "silent": True}*command, **kwargs)
def should_update_common_wheels():
# If the cache hasn't been created, create it.
if not os.path.exists(LOCATIONS["common-wheels"]):
return True
# If the requirements was updated after cache, we'll repopulate it.
cache_last_populated_at = os.path.getmtime(LOCATIONS["common-wheels"])
requirements_updated_at = os.path.getmtime(REQUIREMENTS["common-wheels"])
need_to_repopulate = requirements_updated_at > cache_last_populated_at
# Clear the stale cache.
if need_to_repopulate:
shutil.rmtree(LOCATIONS["common-wheels"], ignore_errors=True)
return need_to_repopulate
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Development Commands
# These are currently prototypes to evaluate whether we want to switch over
# completely to nox for all our automation. Contributors should prefer using
# `tox -e ...` until this note is removed.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@nox.session(python=["3.6", "3.7", "3.8", "3.9", "pypy3"])
def test(session):
# Get the common wheels.
if should_update_common_wheels():
"-w", LOCATIONS["common-wheels"],
"-r", REQUIREMENTS["common-wheels"],
msg = (
"Re-using existing common-wheels at {}."
# Build source distribution
sdist_dir = os.path.join(session.virtualenv.location, "sdist")
if os.path.exists(sdist_dir):
shutil.rmtree(sdist_dir, ignore_errors=True)
"python", "", "sdist",
"--formats=zip", "--dist-dir", sdist_dir,
generated_files = os.listdir(sdist_dir)
assert len(generated_files) == 1
generated_sdist = os.path.join(sdist_dir, generated_files[0])
# Install source distribution
run_with_protected_pip(session, "install", generated_sdist)
# Install test dependencies
run_with_protected_pip(session, "install", "-r", REQUIREMENTS["tests"])
# Parallelize tests as much as possible, by default.
arguments = session.posargs or ["-n", "auto"]
# Run the tests
# LC_CTYPE is set to get UTF-8 output inside of the subprocesses that our
# tests use."pytest", *arguments, env={"LC_CTYPE": "en_US.UTF-8"})
def docs(session):
session.install("-e", ".")
session.install("-r", REQUIREMENTS["docs"])
def get_sphinx_build_command(kind):
# Having the in the docs/html is weird but needed because we
# can not use a different configuration directory vs source directory
# on RTD currently. So, we'll pass "-c docs/html" here.
# See
return [
"-c", "docs/html", # see note above
"-d", "docs/build/doctrees/" + kind,
"-b", kind,
"docs/" + kind,
"docs/build/" + kind,
def lint(session):
if session.posargs:
args = session.posargs + ["--all-files"]
args = ["--all-files", "--show-diff-on-failure"]"pre-commit", "run", *args)
"pre-commit", "run", "-c", ".pre-commit-config-slow.yaml", *args
def vendoring(session):
if "--upgrade" not in session.posargs:"vendoring", "sync", ".", "-v")
def pinned_requirements(path):
for line in path.read_text().splitlines():
one, two = line.split("==", 1)
name = one.strip()
version = two.split("#")[0].strip()
yield name, version
vendor_txt = Path("src/pip/_vendor/vendor.txt")
for name, old_version in pinned_requirements(vendor_txt):
if name == "setuptools":
# update requirements.txt"vendoring", "update", ".", name)
# get the updated version
new_version = old_version
for inner_name, inner_version in pinned_requirements(vendor_txt):
if inner_name == name:
# this is a dedicated assignment, to make flake8 happy
new_version = inner_version
session.error(f"Could not find {name} in {vendor_txt}")
# check if the version changed.
if new_version == old_version:
continue # no change, nothing more to do here.
# synchronize the contents"vendoring", "sync", ".")
# Determine the correct message
message = f"Upgrade {name} to {new_version}"
# Write our news fragment
news_file = Path("news") / (name + ".vendor.rst")
news_file.write_text(message + "\n") # "\n" appeases end-of-line-fixer
# Commit the changes
release.commit_file(session, ".", message=message)
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Release Commands
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
def prepare_release(session):
version = release.get_version_from_arguments(session)
if not version:
session.error("Usage: nox -s prepare-release -- <version>")
session.log("# Ensure nothing is staged")
if release.modified_files_in_git("--staged"):
session.error("There are files staged in git")
session.log(f"# Updating {AUTHORS_FILE}")
if release.modified_files_in_git():
session, AUTHORS_FILE, message=f"Update {AUTHORS_FILE}",
session.log(f"# No changes to {AUTHORS_FILE}")
session.log("# Generating NEWS")
release.generate_news(session, version)
session.log(f"# Bumping for release {version}")
release.update_version_file(version, VERSION_FILE)
release.commit_file(session, VERSION_FILE, message="Bump for release")
session.log("# Tagging release")
release.create_git_tag(session, version, message=f"Release {version}")
session.log("# Bumping for development")
next_dev_version = release.get_next_development_version(version)
release.update_version_file(next_dev_version, VERSION_FILE)
release.commit_file(session, VERSION_FILE, message="Bump for development")
def build_release(session):
version = release.get_version_from_arguments(session)
if not version:
session.error("Usage: nox -s build-release -- YY.N[.P]")
session.log("# Ensure no files in dist/")
if release.have_files_in_folder("dist"):
"There are files in dist/. Remove them and try again. "
"You can use `git clean -fxdi -- dist` command to do this"
session.log("# Install dependencies")
session.install("setuptools", "wheel", "twine")
with release.isolated_temporary_checkout(session, version) as build_dir:
"# Start the build in an isolated, "
f"temporary Git checkout at {build_dir!s}",
with release.workdir(session, build_dir):
tmp_dists = build_dists(session)
tmp_dist_paths = (build_dir / p for p in tmp_dists)
session.log(f"# Copying dists from {build_dir}")
os.makedirs('dist', exist_ok=True)
for dist, final in zip(tmp_dist_paths, tmp_dists):
session.log(f"# Copying {dist} to {final}")
shutil.copy(dist, final)
def build_dists(session):
"""Return dists with valid metadata."""
"# Check if there's any Git-untracked files before building the wheel",
has_forbidden_git_untracked_files = any(
# Don't report the environment this session is running in
not untracked_file.startswith('.nox/build-release/')
for untracked_file in release.get_git_untracked_files()
if has_forbidden_git_untracked_files:
"There are untracked files in the working directory. "
"Remove them and try again",
session.log("# Build distributions")"python", "", "sdist", "bdist_wheel", silent=True)
produced_dists = glob.glob("dist/*")
session.log(f"# Verify distributions: {', '.join(produced_dists)}")"twine", "check", *produced_dists, silent=True)
return produced_dists
def upload_release(session):
version = release.get_version_from_arguments(session)
if not version:
session.error("Usage: nox -s upload-release -- YY.N[.P]")
session.log("# Install dependencies")
distribution_files = glob.glob("dist/*")
session.log(f"# Distribution files: {distribution_files}")
# Sanity check: Make sure there's 2 distribution files.
count = len(distribution_files)
if count != 2:
f"Expected 2 distribution files for upload, got {count}. "
f"Remove dist/ and run 'nox -s build-release -- {version}'"
# Sanity check: Make sure the files are correctly named.
distfile_names = map(os.path.basename, distribution_files)
expected_distribution_files = [
if sorted(distfile_names) != sorted(expected_distribution_files):
f"Distribution files do not seem to be for {version} release."
session.log("# Upload distributions")"twine", "upload", *distribution_files)