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main reference:

V3 Hidden Service support

sadly script with small patch to integrate support for hidden (onion) service V3 on ZeroNet darknet ( still support V2 ).

this patch refers these issue:

In particular it manages the tracker function ( bootstrap plugin enable ) verifying and distributing onion V3 peers to others ( to both patched and unpatched clients ).

As you may know the hiddien service V2 are deprecated and in October will cease to exist permanently, is why in the transition phase (wait for V3 support to be released from the official repo) it's important to enable the boostrap plugin (and add v3 trackers in bootstrap list) to verify and share OnionV3 peers that cannot be verified by current trackers with the stable version.

Patch explained

This patch doesn't definitively differentiate onion v2 from v3, via I've maintained the v2 functions unchanged and added a copy of those funcionts ( sign, verify key .. ) with library required by onion v3 (, recognising the type of address version from the length of the hidden service keys used in the functions ( ! definitely could be improved ! ).

Script explained

  • from this repo move upgrade_file/ and upgrade_file/ to ZeroPath/src/Crypt/
  • replace in ZeroPath/src/Tor/ the 2 words RSA1024 with ED25519-V3
  • add the line from Crypt import CryptEd25519 to the top of :
    • ZeroPath/src/Tor/
    • ZeroPath/plugins/AnnounceZero/

For the installation guide i will use a fresh new client, following the installation guide on the official repo :

Linux (x86-64bit)

  • wget
  • tar xvpfz ZeroNet-py3-linux64.tar.gz
  • cd ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/

now move inside core/ dir and download this repo

  • cd core ( not necessary if you use git source code ZeroTalk Post - clearnet)
  • git clone

move inside downloaded folder and launch script.

  • cd ZeroNet_OnionV3
  • ./ back to main folder
  • cd ../..

now the client is enabled to support V3 hidden services you can launch the client normally from ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64

  • ./

Tor configuration and tracker settings

if you want to start immediately in tracker - tor always mode these are configurations tested on debian10, more information about Tor installation/configuration can be found in the official FAQ:

tor = always 
  • enable tracker plugin,
    • from terminal in ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64 : mv core/plugins/disabled-Bootstrapper core/plugins/Bootstrapper
    • from ZeroNet UI, go to Plugins page - change Bootstrapper flag to active
  • launch ./
  • open Stats Page to check the operation and used port (first line).
  • each address generated under Tor Hidden Services in Stats Page can be used as tracker. ! every time the client restarts the onion addresses will change

to make a tracker link to share with an example in Stats:

Tor hidden services (status: OK (10 onions running)):
- global : xxxxxx36uz5xxxxxrve6orjtxxxxxuvatlpcsqnvxxxxxw3kcqefpjad
  • zero://[onion_v3_string].onion:[port] to
  • zero://xxxxxx36uz5xxxxxrve6orjtxxxxxuvatlpcsqnvxxxxxw3kcqefpjad.onion:15441


For bootstrap list:


OnionV3 trackers file list:

Syncronite trackers file list :


  • understand why onion addresses aren't shared as shared trackers
  • permanent tracker onion address write wiki for permanent tracker, ref: ZeroTalk Post - clearnet
  • upgrade plugins/StemPort for V3 support
  • default stem lib for manage hidden services