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[2024 Financial goals] - Formalize a proper budget

I think it is good we have it on the report. I wouldn't squeeze it on the website, there is already to much information there. I would focus on the goals and what we need to get there (like the…

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[2024 Project goals] - Unified themes across all services

Not much to add apart from the fact that the list of services seems a but ambitious, so would be nice to agree on priorities and the aims for this year.

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[2024 Project goals] - New website
  • Change the concept from images of social resistance and political struggles to images portraying human cooperation and mutual support, which is a more positive from of disrooting. Or go…
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Should we deploy Castopod for podcast ?

@meaz I love the idea actually. But that means we need to launch disroot podcast hahahaha.I would go for all PeerTube + Castpod + BOnfire. I think this would be a nice addition to the fedi…

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[Idea] - Peertube instance dedicated to a specific theme

I do feel moderation is improtant here, the question is if we can have enough moderator to get upload approved quickly enough. Maybe it would be a good idea to start with ldap autentication so…

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[ Discussion ] - Project goals for 2024

Website look is mainly up to @antilopa

This is something I have started looking into and think I can get somewhere with this year.

Themes perhaps we could specify which services…

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Don't forget to remove those in other languages also...

translation can be updated here: