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pnimrp - Poor Man's radio Player in Nim-lang
Are you on the terminal and want to listen to music without opening
the web browser?, We got you.
with the collection of 30+ modifiable radio station link files (json)
you can select through the radio stations and play, pause, mute, them
without ever getting your hands dirty touching on pls files.
blessed with the inspiration from `Poor Man's radio player <>`_
| see doc/user.rst for a basic level user usage documentation.
| see doc/installation.rst for installation instructions.
.. image:: img.svg
.. image:: ../img.svg
What we solve for you
Disadvantages of pmrp::
- pmrp is not portable (windows)
- it is hard to hunt down links and edit them
- there is no way to check if the link is dead
- the source code is very redundant and repetitive
What we give you::
- we solve all of that and
- you get the now playing song
- its easier to develop in
Quick Installation
first install mpv for your distrobution (it must have the developmental files).
then please install the `Nim compiler <>`_
- unix::
curl -sSf | sh
- Windows::
please see the choosenim ` releases <>`_
- or figure it out yourself(gentoo chads report in)::
`Nim compiler <>`_
After installing the compiler run::
nimble install pnimrp
or to compile it afer cloning::
nim c -d:release pnimrp
In-Player Controls
General Controls are using given numbers or characters to select
the menu. where R would return and q would quit out of the
application. and when stream is being played, use p to pause,
m to mute, + to volume up and - to volume down.
Do you want to readme(read me) in html?
documentation is written in RST so these can be viewed in a typical
text editor or can be used to generate HTML source by running::
nim rst2html file.rst
then use a web browser to open htmldocs/file.html
- pmrp ->
code was referenced and links were used.
- libmpv ->
api library was used for playback.
- c2nim ->
helped wrapping objects.
- illwill ->
provided us with async getch implementation.
- hundreds of other people from which this code base was made
possible from.
- `Nim Forums <>`_
- stackoverflow
- github sources (mpv, other radio players)
- chatgpt 3.5
- everybody else