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  bra1z af1a8d0fad Update 'apt.txt' 3 months ago
  bra1z 47c85f3659 Update 'jupyter_desktop/share/xstartup' 3 months ago
  bra1z 21025df174 Update 'apt.txt' 3 months ago
  bra1z 5588a97cba Update 'jupyter_desktop/share/xstartup' 3 months ago
  bra1z d2302d98ef Update 'apt.txt' 3 months ago
  bra1z 7de9082345 Update 'README.md' 3 months ago
  YuviPanda b6dee24cff Revert "Add a jupyter server extension to render desktop/" 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 18d7fb7b2a Add a jupyter server extension to render desktop/ 6 months ago
  YuviPanda bda9a7ec21 Fix README to point to new name 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 98b7723943 Explicitly specify version of jupyter-server-proxy needed 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 360f9b04c5 Set CWD of desktop environment to CWD of notebook 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 3ee7d7eb1d Bump version number & update CHANGELOG 6 months ago
  Yuvi Panda 81e224cfd8
Merge pull request #9 from eslavich/eslavich-crossorigin-use-credentials 6 months ago
  Ed Slavich e3c31a919d Send credentials when making requests for imported modules in noVNC 6 months ago
  YuviPanda bfa4a784fe Bump version number & add CHANGELOG 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 57d52f66a3 Bump default resolution a little 6 months ago
  YuviPanda d839035d0a Remove start file 6 months ago
  YuviPanda d7f642574b Vendor in tigervnc as well 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 9de27ba525 Vendor in noVNC 6 months ago
  YuviPanda a97be00bf8 Add MANIFEST.in to include share/ 6 months ago
  YuviPanda dbdd709d5e Use a secure temp directory to put vnc server socket in 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 58750b5499 Move xstartup file into package 6 months ago
  YuviPanda 8b5bbd03a4 Update README 6 months ago
  Yuvi Panda e39bd9a1b1
Refactor to just be jupyter-desktop (#1) 6 months ago
  YuviPanda fdcd053cd3 Remove all parts that aren't just XFCE 6 months ago
  Simon Li 953b8e7139 Use insight 5.5.7-SNAPSHOT for websocket support 7 months ago
  Simon Li f90271a513 Convert to repo2docker 7 months ago
  Simon Li 9ed5425a16 Add Napari 7 months ago
  Simon Li 56ef47e400 Remove insight default servers. Update jupyter-server-proxy 7 months ago
  Simon Li 051389e401 Jupyter Linux Desktop with OMERO clients 7 months ago
  Simon Li 5e022a8d22
Link readme to https://github.com/ryanlovett/nbnovnc 7 months ago
  Simon Li 7867e330cf
Use mappath instead of indexpage 7 months ago
  Simon Li 00e524788c
readme: mybinder redirect to desktop 7 months ago
  Simon Li 788c5e9a68
Switch to unix socket 7 months ago
  Simon Li ae6a7a7b65
Use upstream tigervnc 7 months ago
  Simon Li 3b0f9663bf Add mybinder link (currently broken) 7 months ago
  Simon Li 56e2f614ae Switch to upstream novnc 7 months ago
  Simon Li 69aca1fa4d Switch to xfce4, window manager is configurable 7 months ago
  Simon Li 06b809e88e Install novnc without dependencies 7 months ago
  Simon Li 859049ef99 Patch jupyter-server-proxy to connect instead of localhost 8 months ago
  Simon Li 22ca5014a9 Swap to using manics/label/testing websockify conda 8 months ago
  Simon Li ca09c4dff4
Add README.md 8 months ago
  Simon Li ae8c952cf6
Add comments to Dockerfile about hacks 8 months ago
  Simon Li c7cf086a76
Managed to get lxde working with hacks! 8 months ago
  Simon Li 5f05b6994c 8 months ago