My configuration files
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# All feeds will be automatically reloaded at start up
# and then continuously after a certain time has passed.
auto-reload "yes"
# Set the browser command to use when opening an article in the browser.
browser "firefox %u"
# This format specifies the date/time format in the article list.
datetime-format "%Y-%m-%d"
# User errors will be logged to this file.
error-log "~/.local/share/newsboat/error.log"
# Specifies which feed property shall be used for sorting.
feed-sort-order "title"
# Format string that is used for formatting notifications.
notify-format "%d new articles"
# The configured program will be executed if new articles arrived.
notify-program "~/.config/newsboat/"
# The number of parallel reload threads that
# shall be started when all feeds are reloaded.
reload-threads 4
# The default path where articles shall be saved to.
save-path "~/Documents/RSS"
# This value will be used as HTTP User-Agent header.
user-agent "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux x86_64) newsboat/2.21.1"
# Keybindings {{{
bind-key j next
bind-key k prev
bind-key J next-feed
bind-key K prev-feed
bind-key j down article
bind-key k up article
bind-key J next article
bind-key K prev article
# }}}
# Colors based on gruvbox {{{
color background color187 color235
color listnormal color187 color235
color listfocus color187 color237 bold
color listnormal_unread color107 color235
color listfocus_unread color107 color237 bold
color info color109 color233
color article color187 color235
search-highlight-colors color109 color237 underline
highlight article "^[A-Z][a-z]+:" color214 color235 bold
highlight article "^\\[[0-9]+\\]:" color203 color235 bold
highlight article "(https?|ftp)://[^ ]+" color175 color235
highlight article " \\(link\\)$" color235 color235
# }}}
include "~/.config/newsboat/filters"
# vim:ft=conf:fdm=marker:fdl=1: