My configuration files
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# The message digest algorithm used when signing a key
cert-digest-algo SHA512
# The default key to sign with
default-key C3FC4EB6371B04CC6DDB9EA88A2DEA1DBAEBCA9E
# Use the default key as default recipient
# Never allow the following cipher algorithms
disable-cipher-algo 3DES
disable-cipher-algo BLOWFISH
# Allow invalid timestamps
# The server that gpg will communicate with
keyserver hkp://
# Suppress the initial copyright message
# The list of personal cipher preferences
personal-cipher-preferences AES256 AES AES192 CAST5
# The list of personal digest preferences
personal-digest-preferences SHA256 SHA512 SHA384 SHA224
# The command line that should be run to view a photo ID
photo-viewer "display %i"
# Use the following options when verifying signatures
verify-options show-photos pka-lookup