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7 months ago
# "Cloudflare, we have a problem"
- This is a list of voices. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
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It's pretty sad when even the hometown paper is behind the greatcloudwall.
C'mon guys. Stop using Cloudflare.
It's endangering the world wide web and you're blocking readers who are protecting
their privacy by using Tor.
-- [Jeff Cliff](
10 months ago
7 months ago
Man-in-the-middle attack is a serious offense.
If you′re using Cloudflare on your website, you won′t get first rank.
You shouldn′t use it if you value visitor′s privacy.
10 months ago
3 months ago
-- [Ss](
7 months ago
9 months ago
7 months ago
I say it's a bad idea to pimp CloudFlare sites and expect such repressions to go unchallenged.
Activism is a duty & ethics trumps netiquette.
Posting original information exclusively on onion sites
is like affirmative action for the repressed Tor community.
Correcting the wrongs of CloudFlare entails some unfair discrimination against clearnet users.
9 months ago
7 months ago
-- [Activist](
10 months ago
7 months ago
10 months ago
7 months ago
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10 months ago
7 months ago
10 months ago
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6 months ago
## News / Blog
10 months ago
7 months ago
6 months ago
- [Cloudflare Vulnerability Enabled Compromise of 12% of All Websites](
6 months ago
- [Cloudflare's inaccessible browser contradicts the company's mission](
7 months ago
- [Major internet outage: Dozens of websites and apps were down](
- [Произошел сбой работы интернет сервисов по всему миру](
- [Cloudflare suffered data leak; exposing 3 million IP addresses: Ukraine](
- [Cloudflare’s DNS Issue, Service Shuts Down Half The Web](
- [Half Of The Internet Is Down After Cloudflare Suffers Major Outage](
- [MASSIVE outage hits Cloudflare, sends Discord & other service-powered sites DOWN - reports](, RT
- [Discord, Riot Games down with reported Cloudflare outage](, [Nicole Carpenter](
- [Discord was down for nearly an hour due to Cloudflare issues](, [Tom Warren](
- [Your Regular Reminder That the Internet Is a Fragile Place](, [Chip Brownlee](
- [Internet wobble caused, Cloudflare glitch](https://www.bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion/news/technology-48841815), [BBC](https://www.bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion/)
- [CloudflareのDNSだと「5ちゃんねる」に接続できない? ネットで話題に](, [itmedia](
- [Cloudflare down: Thousands of popular websites affected, brief outage](, [Alexander J Martin](
- [Major websites and services across the internet went down Tuesday because of a hosting-platform outage](, [Antonio Villas-Boas](
- [CloudFlare Outage Takes Down Coinbase, CoinMarketCap and Other Top Crypto Websites](, [John Biggs](
- [Millions of websites went down across the internet today after massive Cloudflare outage](, [Jasper Hamill](
- [Cloudflare blames ‘bad software’ deployment for today’s outage](, [Brian Heater](
- [Cloudflare issues affecting numerous sites on Monday AM](, [Sarah Perez](
- [Internet security CEO explained why his company exposed people to harassment, and suggested they should've used fake names](, [Julie Bort](
- [Cloudflare CEO Terminates Neo-Nazi Site After 'Waking Up in a Bad Mood'](, [The_Real_Fly](
- [Cloudflare CEO on Terminating Service to Neo-Nazi Site: 'The Daily Stormer Are Assholes'](, [Kate Conger](
- [The invasion boards that set out to ruin lives](, [Jay Allen](
- [How One Major Internet Company Helps Serve Up Hate on the Web](, [Ken Schwencke](
- [Zaradi hrošča iz Cloudflara več mesecev curljalo](, [Slo-Tech](
- [CDN企業Cloudflareのバグで、多数のサービスで機密データ流出の可能性](, [佐藤由紀子](
- [Everything You Need to Know About Cloudbleed, the Latest Internet Security Disaster](, [Adam Clark Estes](
- [Why Cloudflare Let an Extremist Stronghold Burn](, [Steven Johnson](
- [Private crypto keys are accessible to Heartbleed hackers, new data shows](, [Megan Geuss](
6 months ago
- [The Terrifying Power of Internet Censors](
6 months ago
- [HTTPS非対応サイトはもういらない!Cloudflareの危険性とデメリット](
7 months ago
- [Don't Trust CloudFlare](
- [blocking cloudflare IP-range be like](
- [Unrevokable SSL Certificates - Isn’t this sounding pretty corrupt? Yes.](
- [New CDN for media files](
- [Personal post: I left Cloudflare](
- [Crimeflare (Fuck Cloudflare) / bandcamp / music](
- [Cloudflare outage and the risk in today's Internet](
- [Turns out half the internet has a Single-Point-of-Failure called “Cloudflare”](
- [Cloudflare and why it's bad](
6 months ago
- [Piracy’s scofflaws – All roads lead through Cloudflare?](
7 months ago
- [Vous vous souvenez de l'époque où DARPA avait conçu internet de manière à ce qu'il continue de fonctionner même quand un noeud du réseau est tombé ?](
- [Die zentralisierung des Internets](
- [Is Cloudflare safe yet?](
- [Mozilla - Devil Incarnate: DNS over HTTPS](http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/ghost/mozilla.html#cloudflare), [DigDeeper](http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/)
- [「Block Cloudflare MITM Attack」の設定を見直してわかったこと。](
- [Cloudflare silently deleted my DNS records](, Cloudflare user
- [Cloudflare is turning off the internet for me](, [Jan Harasym](
- [Can you trust CloudFlare with your personal data?](, [Terence Eden](
- [WARP is not a VPN for privacy](https://www.piavpnaymodqeuza.onion/blog/2019/09/warp-is-not-a-vpn-for-privacy/), [Private Internet Access](
- [Cloudflare - why the fuss?](, [O S Layman](
- [Cloudflare Outage Kills the Internet](
- [Cloudflare is down lol](
- [Cloudflare considered harmful](
- [Cloudflare’s WARP ‘VPN’ isn’t private nor safe; Don’t use it](, [Karel Donk](
- [Does Cloudflare help my WordPress site?](, [Seravo](
6 months ago
- [Who Gets to Decide Who Has a Voice Online?](
7 months ago
- [Say no to Cloudflare](, [Robin Wils](
- [Why You Don’t Use Cloudflare…](
- [Don’t use Cloudflare CDN: build in speed quality instead.](
- [Why I Stopped Using CloudFlare](, [Review Hell](
- [I don’t trust Cloudflare’s App and Warp VPN](, [Karel Donk](
- [Don’t Use Cloudflare Because You Impose This on People Who Least Want It](, [Dr. Roy Schestowitz](
- [All your DNS traffic will be sent to Cloudflare](, [ungleich](
- [Cloudflare: The bad, the worse and the ugly?](, [Alle Beiträge](
- [I don’t trust Cloudflare with IPFS](, [Karel Donk](
- [Cloudflare IPFS experiment](, [Joe]( [[mirror](]
- [Tor Project calls out CloudFlare for dark web surveillance](
- [CloudFlare: Deutscher Bundestag bezieht schon wieder Internet von US-Anbietern, diesmal für die eigenen Webseiten](, [Andre Meister](
- [Don't Trust CloudFlare](, [](
- [CloudFlare slowed down our site](, [Callum](
- [Stay away from CloudFlare](, [Unix Sheikh](
- [Cloudflare and Spamhaus](, [laura](
- [Support End-to-End Encryption on the Web](, [Mark Maunder](
- [Cloudflare发布针对IPFS的Gateway](, [幸运排骨虾](
- [CloudFlareよサヨナラ! WordPressの表示速度が改善するプラグイン「Photon」](, [ENJILOG](
- [CloudFlareの解除と「Phonton」の導入方法](, [kyohei](
- [Cloudflare: The “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” of the Internet](
- [The CloudFlare Leak and the Problem of Centralized Authentication](, [iovation Inc.](
- [CloudFlare is ruining the internet (for me)](, [slashgeek](
- [MITM-as-a-Service: The Threat Surface We Didn’t Know We Had](, [Shack](
- [Journal CloudFlare au milieu](, [ThibG](
- [why you shouldn’t use Cloudflare](, [tiq](
- [DNSサーバー「」が利用できない障害発生中(2018年4月22日)](, [did2](
- [The CloudFlare MITM](, [David FRANCOIS](
- [Allergique à Cloudflare ? Voici comment vous soigner…](, [KORBEN](
- [CloudFlare, We Have A Problem](, [joepie91](
- [CloudFlare blocked 94% of Tor requests](
- [On Cloudflare](, [tyil](
- [What Is Cloudflare, and Did It Really Leak My Data All Over the Internet?](
- [Why CloudFlare Is Probably A Honeypot](, [cypherpunk](
- [iSucker: Big Brother Internet Culture](, [The Exiled](
- [CloudFlare Watch](, Daniel Brandt
- [The Trouble with CloudFlare](, [mikeperry](
- [Growing Cloudflare Menace](http://imhhge4lijqv7jzf.onion/warning.html)
10 months ago
8 months ago
10 months ago
7 months ago
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10 months ago
7 months ago
## Forum / Wiki
3 months ago
- [privacy.resistFingerprinting makes Cloudflare DDoS protection loop forever](
4 months ago
- [Firefox resistFingerprinting vs. Cloudflare challenge](
5 months ago
- [You need to boycott CloudFlare](
6 months ago
- [Cloudflare's inaccessible browser contradicts the company's mission a11y browsers](
6 months ago
- [Iranian government is censoring sites with Universal SSL (CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2)](
- [“” does not resolve off of CloudFlare’s public DNS servers](
- [Why is Cloudflare Supporting Child Pornography Sites?](
- [Point Proven](
6 months ago
- [Unable to issue certificate because acme API is behind CloudFlare](
6 months ago
- [Blocked by cloudflare?](
6 months ago
- [CloudFlare is blocking our requests, can you plese whitelist us?](
6 months ago
- [ is behind CloudFlare](
7 months ago
- [Why does GL-inet promote it](
- [Please, stop using Cloudflare on](
- [Your thoughts on CloudFlare](
- [Cloudflare ... Yeah, I know the Tor country, it's located in the Onion continent](
- [I now have a cloudflare watermark stuck on my client](
- [Mushroom game brought to you by cloudflare.](
- [Can I bypass Cloudflare?](
- [ Cloudflare](
- ["When you fetch a page from a website that is served from CloudFlare, Javascript has been injected on-the-fly into that page by CloudFlare, and they also plant a cookie that brands your browser with a globally-unique ID."](
- [Tor connectiong being MITMED by Cloudflare](
- [Cloudflare now controls a large portion of the internet with it's MiTM-style DDOS protection.](
- [Cloudflare fail - a dry run to closing down the internet?](
6 months ago
- [ is on Cloudflare](
7 months ago
- [Dozens of Websites, Apps Go Down in Major Cloudflare Outage](
- [For everyone who needs drivers during the MSI website downtime.](
- [That can't be good. Anyone else with this issue?](
- [Access Denied: Cloudflare is blocking my access to (Can't access the game to Download!)](
- [Cloudflare is down, who cares?](
- [Cloudflare goes down; crypto websites hit](
- [Spectrum and Cloudflare](
- [DNS Troubles?](
- [Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access](
- [How do I restore company's faith in Cloudflare?](
- [Cloudlfare issues?](
- [Anyone else's game just dis connect?](
- [Help! Cloudflare blocking access to every website, probably malware](
- [Access denied, Cloudflare when using TOR, why?](
- [Private Windows with Tor showing excessive CAPTCHAs](
- [i always get redirected to Cloudflare Captcha](
- [The problem with CloudFlare (part 1 of 2: detriment to privacy, netneutrality, s/w freedom, & human rights)](
- [The problem with CloudFlare (part 2 of 2: detriment to security, environment, democracy, and free expression)](
- [Cloudflare Captcha Shit!](
- [Hcaptcha In IRAN](
- [No IPv6 on hcaptcha](
- [How Cloudflare Killed the Internet](
- [Right now, there's something wrong with matchmaking definitely- I see Steam forums also note people can't start matches after ready up](
- [cloudflare down again?](
- [Because you are a normie that uses Tor and/or a VPN. I’m in the same boat. I use one - that is, a VPN - and man alive! Captchas, captchas everywhere. I’m annoyed to the point that I simply don’t go to sites that use captchas. Which, annoyingly, are a great, many sites, because everyone and their grandmother seems to be using Cloudflare nowadays. Sorry, rant over.](
- [Cloudflare is down again!](
- [I'm free now.](
- [The CloudFlare and Tor Stalemate Is Harming Users](
- [How to stop and disable stupid Hcaptcha from our Cloudflare site?](
- [Cloudflare: l'OPA silenziosa sul web](
- [Cloudflare is down](
- [hehe cloudflare ded](
- [cloudflare captcha problem](
- [Anyone still having problems connecting? Is Cloudflare still screwed?](
- [Try browsing the web using Tor or a VPN. You will spend the day doing Google recaptchas for like 90% of the websites you visit, I guarantee it. All thanks to Cloudflare.](
- [why the fuck does so much stuff run on Cloudflare?!](
- [The devs of systemd, the main init system on Linux, use Google and cloudflare for fallback/default NTP and DNS, when asked to use privacy respecting alternatives, they call people conspiracy theorists](
- [The devs of systemd, the main init system on Linux, use Google and cloudflare for fallback/default NTP and DNS, when asked to use privacy respecting alternatives, they call people conspiracy theorists](
- [Fight for the Future is supposed to be advocating netneutrality, & yet their own site is on CloudFlare](
- [Ok. But if they use Cloudflare, which MITMs traffic, all their users data is in plaintext to Cloudflare.](
- [Can someone please explain to me how Cloudflare isn't MITM?](
- [every cloudflare website i go to it has error 1020. is cloudflare down rn?](
- [NO cloudflare website is loading](
- [Highlighting Liberapay and OpenCollective as the preferred donation options](
- [Firefox VPN (Firefox Private Network)](
- [Why is everyone ignoring Cloudfare's MITM that affects 13% of sites worldwide and maybe 30% of English-language sites?](
- [Are CAPTCHAs harder to solve on TOR?](
- [Can we stop using Cloudflare?](
- [Crowd Sourced Protest Of Cloudflare](
- [Crowd Sourced Protest Of Cloudflare](
- [US Bank website is not in Cloudflare DNS](
- [Aliexpress not working with](
- [What data does CloudFlare actually see?](
- [Why does everyone here dislike CloudFlare?](
- [As long as Gab uses Cloudflare, it's doomed to failure](
- [Mozilla just lost all its credibility. Cloudflare isn't trustworthy, since it decrypts TLS!](, [vargasgetulio](
- [Cloudflare and the US Intelligence Community](, [dhaavi](
- [Cloudflare IM NOT A ROBOT blocking API?!?](
- [API Returning Cloudflare Challenge](
- [Cloudflare Challenge On](
- [Some websites not loading pictures after upgrade to Tor Browser 9.0](
- [Downvoters seem to hate the truth.](
- [Why does a .gov site use Cloudflare?](
- [Some images from Cloudflare don't load up and a 403 Forbidden is returned](
- [Do you know how Cloudflare works? It's literally a proxy.](
- [website not working properly since update](
- [Cloudflare to MITM your traffic is an extraordinary security and privacy problem.](, [hva32](
- [Google's reCAPTCHA fails 100%](
- [The Great Cloudwall](, [caioalonso](
- [Proposal: Remove Cloudflare from the official Bitcoin Cash website](, [LeoBeltran](
- [Now that Cloudflare Warp has gone public, is it still the worst thing EVER?](, [Anaranovski](
- [Cloudeflare Captcha](, [zdmv09rzbtklezd8d](
- [Secure Connection Failed](, [Tomaso](
- [12.7 percent of the domains I visit are intercepted, CloudFlare](
- [cloudflare blocks connection](
- [Cloudflare reCAPTCHA De-anonymizes Tor Users](
- [That's not how the web works, sorry. Cheers](
- [Pale Moon developer shows disdain for Tor and people who combat Cloudflare MITM](, [vargasgetulio](
- [...Cloudflare DOES TLS termination, directly having access to all the data in clear.](, [JustCondition4](
- [What makes CloudFlare bad?](, [Spadey0](
- [Why am I being asked to fill out a captcha to view a webpage?](
- [Cloudflare](, Anonymous
- [The Great Cloudwall](, [sebsauvage](
- [DNS over HTTPS](http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/tech/res/1082196.html)
- [Cloudflare = CIA](http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/tech/res/1032001.html)
- [Delete Account](
- [Please remove cloudflare](, [cloudspyha](
- [coinkite SSL is shared with shady sites?](, [notR1CH](
- [Cloudflare's mobile application Faster & Safer Internet keeps a log of your DNS queries for 24 hours, can't be disabled](, [maybenot12](
- [In other news, Bitpay is completely broken now.](, [phelix2](
- [Can we stop posting articles from medium?](, [FusionTorpedo](
- [How to avoid plain text passwords etc being visible to Cloudflare's MITM proxies](, [r0ck0](
- [Thoughts on CloudFlare](, [techEnthusiast0](
- [Is it possible to universally bypass the Cloudflare DDOS-protection? Can add a delay to your daily browsing when automatically clearing cookies](, [8VBQ-Y5AG-8XU9-567UM](
- [Este Cloudflare atac MITM?](, gladioc
- [How to get rid of CloudFlare](http://answerszuvs3gg2l64e6hmnryudl5zgrmwm3vh65hzszdghblddvfiqd.onion/76323/how-to-get-rid-of-cloudflare)
- [Cloudflare outage caused, deploying bad regular expression that caused 100% CPU usage worldwide, dropping up to 82% of traffic](, [TyroPyro](
- [Cloudflare outage AGAIN MAH INTERNETS! Nooo!](, [Lewis_Browne](
- [Dear customers of Cloudflare: an appeal regarding Tor](, [IngoBlechschmid](
- [Cloudflare CDN suffers route leak; services like Discord and Crunchyroll experience outages all over the world](, [DragonSkyMusic](
- [Cloudflare Is Not An Option!](, [FVz7Ftt83m](
- [All Captchas seem to be broken for me.](, [da_sechzga](
- [Fastest DNS from Cloudflare + privacy first? Hmmm](, [deleted](
- [Tor says CloudFlare's claim that 94% of requests from Tor are malicious is likely based on flawed methodology, asks for explanation](, [autotldr](
- [Is there a safe download mirror for Monero wallets that doesn't force me to go through this hateful and broken CloudFlare?](, [VedadoAnonimato](
- [Can't get passed CloudFlare's CAPTCHA with TorBrowser.](, [VedadoAnonimato](
- [Anyone else getting this error - THIS REQUEST HAS BEEN RATE LIMITED](, [jessicadunbar](
- [Cloudflare blocked my IP address.](, [Stillhart](
- [CloudFlare blocks reddit API requests from Tor](, [QuantumBadger](
- [Any way to fix 523 cloudflare error websites (websites that dead with 523 cloudlare error)?](, [fasdaa222](
- [Ongoing centralization of the internet through CDNs](, [quickdecision](
- [Padlock icon appears on MitMd Firefox connections](, [cypherpunks](
- [I'm not sure if I can ELI5 this but I'll try my best to explain.](, [Waphire](
- [Anonym im Internet - Inhaltsverzeichnis](, [Kairaven](
- [Cloudflare is MITM](,4705549,4705549,read.html), Nutzer
- [Constant CloudFlare IP BLOCK Popups](, [craigs](
- [This Cloudflare horsesh*t. Are they CIA? Seriously, I keep finding cloudflare based problems. No way they are this popular with all these problems.](, deleted
- [Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance](, [Jacob Appelbaum](
- [How can i get rid of those cloudflare captchas its annoying](
- [Cloudflares captcha screen insurmountable](
- [Does cloudflare identify tor users actual ip address and other identifying info](
- [Cloudflare hates tbb v7 not duplicate](
- [Cloudflare wont let in even though i solve the captcha correctly](
- [Getting cloudflared all of a sudden why](
- [Is a tor or cloudflare update the reason i suddenly getting cloudflared to death](
- [How do enter all cloudflares captchas on one page to access a complex page](
- [Be careful with CloudFlare](, [no-idea-for-username](
- [Be wary reporting to Cloudflare](, [athenahollow](
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- [Fucking Cloudflare](, [deleted](
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- [Cloudflare as a Security Risk - Support - Whonix Forum](, [entr0py](
- [My dad is getting pop-ups from CloudFlare every time he types something into his Mozilla Firefox search/address bar and hits enter.](, [Yahoo! user](
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- [Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance](, [ioerror](!closed&reporter=ioerror)
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- [cloudflare 是如何转发 HTTPS 流量的?](, [feast](
- [Cloudflare – The Asocial](http://asocialfz7ncw5ui.onion/articles/internet/cloudflare.html), [ASocial]( [[mirror](]
- [CloudFlare – Sipuliwiki 3](http://nla423n3gyyunhci.onion/index.php?title=CloudFlare)
- [I keep getting cloudflare blocking access to some websites](, [vbbuilt](
- [fuckcloudflare/stop_cloudflare](http://volagitvnzf3o56b.onion/cgit/fuckcloudflare/stop_cloudflare/)
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## Microsoft GitHub / Gitea / GitLab
- [getting cloudflare page](
6 months ago
- [Cloudflare somehow detects and blocks httransform](
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7 months ago
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