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Alternative Link (AltLink)

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This is opt-in service.

A little history

Once upon a time there was a bot named "CloudflareLink" which was created by Anonymous. It replied to many users who shared CF links publicly.

Not many people reacted it positively. Here is some of them.

To the owner of this bot
You should be ashamed.
Quit drive by bro'ing our statuses.
Please fornicate with a pointy stick.
Pointing to a copy rather than the original document if it's still online is bad practice too. Also, you are a very annoying bot.

They got annoyed and Mastodon server owner was pressured by their "spam" reports.

One of Mastodon server owner once said, "your little protest bot is making people upset, and i'm worried it might cause people to defederate from the instance, please tone it down."

For the record "CloudflareLink" was moved to other Mastodon servers 3 times and banned 2 times by 2 Mastodon services until the Anonymous decided to given up for good.

The main difference of AltLink is opt-in. Those people who share Cloudflare links casually never receive notification until they have a good heart and follow AL.

How to Subscribe

  1. Follow the AltLink Account. (if you do not have Mastodon account)
  1. Send any text as direct message to above account. (e.g. @accountname hi)
  • And it will follow back you instantly with intro message.
    • If you're locking your account, please accept it's follow request otherwise it can't read your toots.
  • If you didn't got any reply make sure you are following it.
  1. When you share Cloudflared link, it will send direct message to you with information.

How to Unsubscribe

  1. Just unfollow it's account.
  • it should unfollow you within an hour.
    • it do not attempt to re-follow you.
  • If you've changed your mind and want to subscribe(opt-in) again simply follow again.

Suggest clean alternatives

Just ask (send direct message to) it and he will provide some suggestions.

  • This is related to Settings' Suggest other non-Cloudflare alternative sites when available.
    • If there is a network problem or there is no alternative it will not reply anything.

Syntax: @theaccountname ?URL or ?URL

Put Cloudflared URL like this...

@theaccount ?https://cflove.myblog.site/cloud_is_internet/?blog=true


1 question per toot. Below does not work.


Report a problem / Create an Issue

(To use this you need to enable last option) You can create an Issue without git account. Just send a direct message. And don't worry,

  • Multiple mentions (e.g. @randomUser @theaccount @otherUser blah blah blah)
  • Public message (e.g. there's a bot called @theaccount)

...will be ignored to prevent spam. Your username part (before @) will be masked to protect your privacy.


You can configure it from this website. (Clearnet is killed due to lack of public interest)

For your poster/meme needs.

MitiGator's profile image shows an orange shield and a cartoon of the mascot character, 𝙈𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙂𝙖𝙩𝙤𝙧, who stands proud as the MITM Prevention Alligator. The mascot wears a referee top and red sash across chest. Above the shield is 'MitiGator' in arching, bold, small caps, serif lettering.

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