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Mirror of The Great Cloudwall / Stop Cloudflare / #deCloudflare #Crimeflare http://crimeflare.eu.org
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Public DNS

About this service

  • No logs. No statistics. No collection. Plain simple DNS!
  • Block sites using Cloudflare.
    • DNS will return empty result if the answer IP is Cloudflare.
  • Block adverts, trackers, adware, malware sites.
  • Block DNS-rebind attack.
Type Value Example
DNS over HTTPS https://dns.crimeflare.eu.org/dns-query
DNS over Onion http://dns.im5wixghmfmt7gf7wb4xrgdm6byx2gj26zn47da6nwo7xvybgxnqryid.onion/dns-query -