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🐘 Mastodon?

Who is sharing most Cloudflare links to other people? Oh, it's you?

Congratulations, you are ranked in the top 50 of...

(Sarcasm? Of course. Stop sharing CF links already!)

What you can do? Tell them to stop using Cloudflare!

Some public reaction

'your little protest bot is making people upset,
and i'm worried it might cause people to defederate from the instance,
please tone it down'

We need a new word for describing how fucked up this is,
insanity just isn't doing it anymore.

No shit it makes people upset *that's the fucking point*

-- Jeff Cliff

The bot doesn't care about you personally.
It's doing a public service for your readers, who you otherwise sent into
a netneutrality-hostile privacy-abusive walled-garden.

It's to protect them so they are warned and have a trustworthy link to follow.

-- resist1984

It doesn't matter if it is still online if I can't access it...
so the bot is appreciated.

-- Thufie



  • tweet_cfsaid: Tweet URL which CF link was observed
id	varchar(40) UNIQUE
who	varchar(80) INDEX
url	varchar(200) INDEX
ym	int(6) INDEX
  • tweet_notcf_fqdn: Unknown FQDN which was not listed as Cloudflare
fqdn	varchar(200) UNIQUE
dl	int(1) INDEX
  • tweet_scanned: To make sure not to analyze same tweet again
id	varchar(40) UNIQUE
who	varchar(80) INDEX
iscf	int(1) INDEX
ym	int(6) INDEX
  • tweet_sharefqdn: Just for counting FQDN
id	varchar(40) UNIQUE
fqdn	varchar(200) INDEX
ym	int(6) INDEX

Live demo

If you want to see this in action: Onion or cache page (Delay sync)

Live API



  • a, Show Top 100 (Shared any links)
  • c, Show Top 100 (Shared Cloudflare links)
  • f, Show Top 100 (Shared FQDN)
  • u, About Twitter Users

Example: curl -x socks5h:// -G -H "Authorization: Basic c3RvcGNsb3VkZmxhcmU6" "http://-----.onion/twitter/" -d "who=c" -d "json"