A simple FOSS drop-in replacement to Google reCaptcha
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uCaptcha is a simple drop-in replacement for reCaptcha by Google. It has much the same API and has an additional benefit of helping OpenStreetCam label their images. It can be self hosted relatively easily, however you can also use our hosted version if you'd like.


If you use uCaptcha in production, or want to see the project grow, consider funding the project to help pay for hosting and bandwidth costs.

XMR: 45uYweaLaasTFKdEHK9qADRZMatRE3U9vKFwT1kpaig26GnruZm1t21ipVjsC1KLeeL7sG3m8bHfhcce4tQJLDKNCFBLPar

BTC: bc1qjj45cuu7d8r6g83al7yrtkkmzu6ud4j9qzq3dn


Short term (1 - 2 weeks)

  • Think of a way to detect if user's selection is correct answer
  • Create tests
  • Configure Rollup to create 2 packages 1x esm 1x cjs
  • Improve the UI

Medium term (> 1 month)

  • Increase security and accuracy of predictions

Long term (> 3 months)

Nothing here