Dragora - an independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on concepts of simplicity
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Tue Feb 2 20:49:49 -03 2021
- EFI support: isolinux, grub (efivars).
- Complement spacefm (plugins, extra support for it).
- Add python-setuptools, python-pip. [DONE]
- VCS: Add subversion, mercurial, fossil, rcs, cvs.
- Scanning support (sane, xsane, gnu ocrad?).
- Bluetooth support.
- Printing support.
- Cryptsetup.
- SGML tools, complement DocBook.
- Java, OpenJDK?.
- OGG Vorbis support. [DONE]
- FLAC support. [DONE]
- Add Trinity Desktop. [IN PROGRESS]
- Add extra Web browser (desktop).
- Btrfs-progs (for user-space, dragora-installer).
- Check and add libthai for Pango. [DONE]
- Check and add giflib for imlib2 (and surely for others). [DONE]
- Replace libelf-compat with libelf (elfutils) from upstream. [DONE]
- Add Lua language. [DONE]
- Drop (deprecated) Python 2 support. [DONE]
- Add libspectre and merge poppler for complement the support in Cairo.