The message format used for Bester.

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bra1z / binder-nbserverproxy
Jupyter Notebook 0 0

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xigoi / bk
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A command-line client for Bakaláři

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Wezl / bookmarklets
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guix / bootstrappable
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Documents and web site of

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Minimalist thrilling shoot 'em up game

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valoq's bubblewrap scripts

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personal dotfiles and scripts and some curated lists of packages, links and videos related to the text editor Sublime Text 3. mirror of

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deejoe / bugs
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This is a fairly complete set of icons for Gnome, KDE Plasma and XFCE (including actions, apps, categories, devices, emblems, emotes, mimetypes, places and status), based on the icons and artwork by Paul Davey (Mattahan) (

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mirror of

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Cheapsheet is a place where I stash my personal cheatsheets and howtos I gather when I study a subject.

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Well, it's certainly uncontaminated by cheese.

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Compare the UUID of each partition with those found in FSTAB.

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Get palettes from . mirror of

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