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A command-line client for Bakaláři

Updated 2 years ago

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Check if the command line contains any given number of flags.

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Updated 11 months ago

A tool to create statistics from Apache2 log files

Updated 2 weeks ago

Parse Apache2 logs to create statistics

Updated 1 week ago

A system agnostic script to install or remove packages.

Updated 4 months ago

Deta Base manager as a CLI tool.

Updated 7 months ago

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DHCP client in Guile

Updated 7 years ago

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Updated 10 months ago

Display stylized feedback messages

Updated 11 months ago

Select commands, files, or processes using percol's fuzzy selection.

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 4 years ago

Repeat a command until it succeeds. If no command is provided, perform the previous command.

Updated 11 months ago

Get notified when packages are added or removed from repositories upon updating; and filter the output of apt list/search

Updated 11 months ago

A minimal prompt for the fish shell to be used with tmux

Updated 11 months ago