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Updated 3 years ago

Matroska tools (Qt5 version)

Updated 4 weeks ago

Graphical installer for LogDoctor

Updated 1 week ago

Graphical uninstaller for LogDoctor

Updated 1 week ago dat://71b918cbef002973058d0d1305a8510f61a9c47011f231640fba182ff67a5809

Updated 3 years ago

A simple color chooser written in QML

Updated 5 months ago

CyberHack is a GTK2, GTK3, xfwm4, Cinnamon, Emerald, qtCurve and Color Scheme for GNU/Linux desktops. It's hacker-looking, futuristic, cyberpunkish and glowing. Its main colors are cyan and green, and is a dark theme too.

Updated 4 days ago

Freqtrade / Kucoin trading bot in python. Strategies use MACD/RSI

Updated 12 months ago

My qtile configs 😊

Updated 2 months ago

This is a skeuomorphic GTK3 theme that follows your KDE Plasma color scheme, the same way that Breeze GTK theme adapts to it. So if you want to change its colors, you only need to change KDE Plasma's color scheme, nothing else. Do you want to keep using your venerable Oxygen or QtCurve widgets with Plasma, with any color scheme but can't find an appropriate GTK3 theme that matches it? Seek no more!

Updated 1 week ago

Apache2 / Nginx / IIS logs analyzer: parse access logs and view dynamically generated statistics

Updated 1 week ago