Disroot Howto Site Repository

Updated 5 days ago

Disroot Website Repository

Updated 5 days ago

devshh / ucaptcha
JavaScript 2 0

A simple FOSS drop-in replacement to Google reCaptcha

Updated 2 months ago

McSinyx / comp
Python 2 0

Curses Omni Media Player

Updated 1 month ago

Aqui debatemos bugs, features, novas aplicações do https://coletivos.org

Updated 8 months ago

McSinyx / axuy
Python 1 0

Minimalist first-person shooter

Updated 2 weeks ago

guix / guix
Scheme 1 0

GNU Guix and GNU Guix System

Updated 4 hours ago

McSinyx / pip
Python 1 0

The Python package installer

Updated 19 hours ago

saci / StumpWM
Common Lisp 1 0

Aprendizados e scripts do StumpWM

Updated 1 month ago

Crea una ambiente de python e instala trytond con los módulos usados en escenarios comunes

Updated 1 month ago

Pythonic Audio Library and Codecs Environment

Updated 1 week ago

Minimalist thrilling shoot 'em up game

Updated 2 days ago

Este repositorio contendrá guías de ayuda para poder sacar un mejor provecho de esta maravillosa dustribución de gnu/linux. En lo posible se procurará tener en español el contenido que se vaya agregando

Updated 3 weeks ago

McSinyx / vim-octave
Vim script 1 0

Octave syntax and indentation support for Vim

Updated 2 weeks ago

Well, it's certainly uncontaminated by cheese.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A clone of the arcade game Stacker

Updated 2 weeks ago

Vicious is a modular widget library for the "awesome" window manager.

Updated 10 hours ago

McSinyx / alful
JavaScript 1 0

Lauch all Firefox Quantum windows fullscreen

Updated 2 weeks ago

Lazy ZIP over HTTP

Updated 2 weeks ago