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devshh / ucaptcha
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A simple FOSS drop-in replacement to Google reCaptcha

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Aqui debatemos bugs, features, novas aplicações do https://coletivos.org

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tqt / tqt-solo
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https://tqt-solo.hashbase.io dat://71b918cbef002973058d0d1305a8510f61a9c47011f231640fba182ff67a5809

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Disroot's spin on conversejs, compiled version

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A puzzle game

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Hubzilla themes developed by Disroot.

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an experiment

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Indices locorum citatorum

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supporting information for: TWOQUARTERS TRAINING

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Libreboot is a free boot fimware implementation, to replace the non-free BIOS/UEFI firmware found on most systems. It initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for your operating system.

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The Hackerspace Blueprint https://hackerspace.design/

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Watch Last Videos From Subs: A POSIX sh script to watch last videos uploaded to YouTube by some channels listed on a file.

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