Disroot's project repo. Check roadmaps, add features request, create issues.

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Disroot Howto Site Repository

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A mailgate for Postfix to encrypt incoming and outgoing email with S/MIME and/or OpenPGP and decrypting OpenPGP encrypted emails

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Disroot Website Repository

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Disroot's changelog. Check when what has been upgraded, what has changed.

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A Disroot Android application to help you install companion apps or use services that do not provide mobile native app.

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This is a fairly complete set of icons for Gnome, KDE Plasma and XFCE (including actions, apps, categories, devices, emblems, emotes, mimetypes, places and status), based on the icons and artwork by Paul Davey (Mattahan) (http://www.mattahan.com/).

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Collection of public (or not) forks / custom builds of LiquidBounce. Please, before using it, check by yourself for any malware inside it. Suggest any custom build in my dm or Issues of this repository.

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GNU Guix and GNU Guix System

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🛡 Best security for Devuan and Debian to vps server 🛠 Install linux libre, lkrg, tirdad whonix, hardened sshd_config, hardened malloc Developed with ❤️ in Russian

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Este repositorio contendrá guías de ayuda para poder sacar un mejor provecho de esta maravillosa dustribución de gnu/linux. En lo posible se procurará tener en español el contenido que se vaya agregando

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This is a skeuomorphic GTK3 theme that follows your KDE Plasma color scheme, the same way that Breeze GTK theme adapts to it. So if you want to change its colors, you only need to change KDE Plasma's color scheme, nothing else.

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Do whatever the heck you want with them.

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Colección de scripts para diversos usos

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Disroot blog theme, based on Lingoberry

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small security project

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