A collection of my shell scripts.

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Archive of abandoned projects

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MIRROR of Cloudflare Domain lists by #Crimeflare #deCloudflare and its contributors

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MIRROR of Anti-Tor FQDN lists by #Crimeflare #deCloudflare and its contributors

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Advent of code in Cebolla

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Tiny Weather Forecast Germany is an android open source weather forecast app using open data provided by Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD). Maintainer: Pawel Dube (@Starfish)

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a bytebeat rendering engine in C (no support of JavaScript bytebeat yet)

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GNU Guix and GNU Guix System

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Public Version of Bucket Anti Cheat, made as my first python training project. Have a bad code with a little bit my fixes. This repository is only backup

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Typical DLL injector, wrotten on python, made for fun and nothing more. It's only backup of mine repository. Had bad code.

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A little bit refactored Kxhu's csharp injector. Based on old version of source code. Maybe something cool in future?

Updated 2023-12-03 13:26:04 +00:00

Bad deobfuscation of JustNanix's scripts and some scripts of BestHackers (Can be malware). If you want to help me with it, please send dm to me. Icon by freepik

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Scripts of Bear Alpha, have inside patched one and updated one. Cloned from Gitea repository. Icon by freepik

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Utility (You can name it fork) to use Starlight with UI. Thanks to RealNickk and other Starlight Launcher developers. Right now very outdated and don't work. Starlight got closed, maybe I make fork soon. Icon by Freepik

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Archive of Minecraft Hacked client version named 'Skid' developed by LiquidDev & other. Was very popular in Russian community & in all minecraft hacking community. Before was paid and was selling on haze shop. All versions collected from public internet

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Collection of public (or not) forks / custom builds of LiquidBounce. Please, before using it, check by yourself for any malware inside it. Suggest any custom build in my dm or Issues of this repository.

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