Service to store and provide data about Guix
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-*- mode: org -*-

The Guix Data Service processes, stores and provides data about Guix over

It's written in Guile, stores data in a PostgreSQL database, and provides a
web interface and API to browse and access the data.

* Overview

The aim of the Guix Data Service is to provide a complementary interface to
Guix itself, providing a different way of interacting with Guix data, which
hopefully enables tools and services that otherwise wouldn't be feasible to

For example, with the command line tooling or Guile API for Guix, you can
quickly and easily access information about packages, and manipulate
derivations. However, if you wish to compare two revisions of Guix, or look at
the history of the derivations for a package over recent Guix revisions, it
could take some time until you have the information you're looking for.

However, with the Guix Data Service, this information can be gathered
continuously, and stored in a way that makes these kind of queries much
quicker to answer. By storing dat