Completely block Amazon and its services
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Definition of GAFAM

The GAFAM is an acronym used to describe the five multinational technology companies Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, taking the first letters of all these companies. The GAFAM are sometimes referred to as the Big Five due to them being the five most profilific companies in the world. Although in some sectors some of the five companies may be in direct competition, they offer different products or services overall while presenting some common characteristics that deserve to bring them together under the same acronym: by their size, they are particularly influential on the American and European Internet both economically and politically and socially and are regularly the subject of criticism or prosecution on tax matters, abuses of dominant positions and the non-respect of Internet users' privacy.

Purge Amazon from your network!

Protect yourself from Amazon monopoly by using this blocklist!

To aid in completeting the GAFAM PiHole list, here is a list of known Amazon related trackers/spyware.

Note: Some items on the list may break some websites/services so please be prepared to edit/whitelist as needed.

I am working on regex filters for this list, once they are tested and completed, I will upload them.