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// A list of folders containing *.sublime-project files
// "projects_path": ["path/to/custom/Projects", "another_path/to/Projects"]
// Enable local projects directory, such a directory will be named as
// "Projects - computer_name", where computer_name is your computer hostname.
// It would be useful if Sublime Text settings are synced across different computers.
// To discover your computer hostname, run
// import sys; sys.modules['Project Manager'].pm.get_node() in your sublime console
// "use_local_projects_dir": true
// it is used to fix a sublime bug:
// The work-around is to make sure that all of your projects are configured either
// to Hide Open Files or Show Open Files in the sidebar.
// "show_open_files": true
// show recent projects first
// if false, the projects are sorted alphabetically
// "show_recent_projects_first": false