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Project Manager for Sublime Text

Don't have any idea what *.sublime-project and *.sublime-workspace are doing? Forget where the project files are? Don't worry, Project Manager will help organizing the project files by putting them in a centralized location. (It is inspired by Atom's Project Manager, but Atom's Project Manager is inspired by the built-in Sublime Text Project Manager, so there is a circular reasoning here).


Check this video by Laracasts.


Using Package Control is not required, but recommended as it keeps your packages (with their dependencies) up-to-date!

Installation via Package Control


To launch ProjectManager, use the main menu (Project > Project Manager) or the command palette (Project Manager: ...).

To quickly switch between projects, use the hotkey CtrlCmdP on macOS (CtrlAltP on Windows / Linux).

ProjectManager also improves the shortcut CtrlShiftW on Windows / Linux so that it will close the project when the window is closed. On OSX, this is the default behaviour.

Options are self-explanatory, enjoy!

Create new project

Just drag some folders to Sublime Text and then "Add Project". The project files will be created in Packages/User/Projects/.

Add existing projects to Project Manager

There are two ways to add existing projects to Project Manager.

  • If you want Project Manager manages the project files: move your *.sublime- project and *.sublime-workspace files in the project directory Packages/User/Projects/. You may need to update the project's folder information of the files.

  • If you want to keep the project files (*.sublime-project and *.sublime-workspace) in your project directory: open your project file *.sublime-project, and then use the import option of Project Manager. This tells Project Manager where *.sublime-project is located and Project Manager will know where to look when the project is opened. In other words, you can put the *.sublime-project file in any places.


  • How to open project in a new window with a shortcut? It can be done by adding the following keybind in your user keybind settings file:
    "keys": ["super+ctrl+o"], // or ["ctrl+alt+o"] for Windows/Linux
    "command": "project_manager", "args": {"action": "new"}
  • How to use a different project directory?

To use a different directory for your projects rather than Packages/User/Projects/, edit the following in package settings: Preferences > Package Settings > Project Manager

    "projects_path": ["path/to/custom/projects_dir"],


Project Manager is MIT licensed.