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Project Manager for Sublime Text 3

Dont't have any idea what *.sublime-project and *.sublime-workspace are doing? Forget where the project files are? Don't worry, Project Manager will help organizing the project files by putting them in a centralized location. (It is inspired by Atom's Project Manager, but Atom's Project Manager is inspired by the built-in Sublime Text Project Manager, so there is a circular reasoning here).


You can install Project Manager via Package Control.

You can additionally add the following keybind in your user keybind settings file for "Open project in new window"

    "keys": ["super+ctrl+o"], // or ["ctrl+alt+o"] for Windows/Linux
    "command": "project_manager", "args": {"action": "new"}


To launch the Project Manager, you can either open it under the Project menu or via the command palette: Project Manager: ....

To quick switch between projects, use the hotkey Ctrl+Cmd+P (Ctrl+Alt+P for windows/linux).

Project Manager also improves the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+W on Windows and Linux so that it will close the project when the window is closed. On OSX, it is the default behaviour.

Options are self-explained, enjoy!

Create new project

Just drag some folders to Sublime Text and then "Add Project". The project files will be created in Packages/User/Projects/.

Add existing projects to Project Manager

There are two ways to add existing projects to Project Manager. If you want to keep the project files (.sublime-project and sublime-workspace) in your project directory,

  • Open your project file .sublime-project, and then use the import option of Project Manager. This tells Project Manager where .sublime-project is located and Project Manager will know where to look when the project is opened. In other words, you can put the .sublime-project file in any places.

If you want Project Manager manages the project files

  • Move your .sublime-project and .sublime-workspace files in the project directory Packages/User/Projects/. You may need to update the project's folder information of the files.

Custom Projects directory

To use a different directory for your projects rather than Packages/User/Projects/, edit the following in package settings: Preferences -> Package Settings -> Project Manager

    "projects_path": ["path/to/custom/projects_dir"],


Project Manager is MIT licensed.