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Marc Cornellà 69a45a9c98
chore: zshrc update settings rewording 3 months ago
Marc Cornellà 0120749a54
feat(updater): add mode to only remind you to update when it's time (#10187) 4 months ago
Marc Cornellà 3c9743313c
refactor(updater): change auto-update settings to use `zstyle` 4 months ago
Simon Rogers 16de514047
feat(lib): allow setting custom completion dots sequence (#9424) 1 year ago
Suhas Karanth 5db205908e
chore: caution against `COMPLETION_WAITING_DOTS` in template (#8352) 1 year ago
Jethro Lee a8fee4036b
Edit for better consistency in template (#8593) 2 years ago
Janek e85ecf95a9
Use oh-my-zsh path variables in zshrc.zsh-template (#8960) 2 years ago
Marc Cornellà b80b1a1e8b Actions to take after repository migration is complete (#8394) 2 years ago
Marc Cornellà 486fa1010d lib: add ability to disable magic functions 3 years ago
Marc Cornellà 9981479900
zshrc: remove SSH_KEY_PATH comment 3 years ago
Rehan Mahmood b9670d0409 template: change plugins definition to single line (#7498) 3 years ago
Samuel Lelièvre 77d75d7fcd Clarify random theme setting (#7090) 3 years ago
Cristian Consonni d3e3b2dd0d Add support for custom timestamp format in history (#6770) 4 years ago
Robby Russell 7a7480b987 Updating template and README to list plugins on individual lines vs one long one. Easier scanning for you and me. 4 years ago
Rob Freiburger fbc878cb66 Adds option to disable auto update prompt 5 years ago
Timothy Blumberg b94d9e26e5 Changed dsa --> rsa in zshrc.zsh-template file (#5603) 5 years ago
Marc Cornellà 9e81b79d90 Reorder zshrc template 6 years ago
Felipe Vargas 551abfcbb4 Remove undesirable hardcoding of PATH into zshrc (#4925) 6 years ago
LE Manh Cuong 5e77e00ad5 Some improvements 6 years ago
LE Manh Cuong 531c41cdfe Allow loading themes from predefined list 6 years ago
Jordan Klassen 45121611fe Update template zshrc with HYPHEN_INSENSITIVE 7 years ago
Doan Truong Thi b6b1dd3cd7 Fix Yosemite broken zsh where $PATH var does not get appended correctly. 7 years ago
Dražen Lučanin 7297b446b8 too many plugins = slow init warning 8 years ago
Sean McCann 1ad1c52797 Move aliases to 'custom' section of .zshrc template 8 years ago
Simon Courtois 4c64cf4a25 Replacing DISABLE_CORRECTION with ENABLE_CORRECTION in zshrc template 8 years ago
ncanceill 732bca071e $ZSH is the OMZ installation folder, not configuration 8 years ago
ncanceill 2697a18257 mention $ZSH_CUSTOM as suggested in #2295 8 years ago
ncanceill ffd5cb20ee suggest setting $LANG to fix #1286 and fix #1823 8 years ago
Luke Horvat 5f09d0f6dd Fixed typos + made wording more consistent in zshrc.zsh-template 8 years ago
ncanceill 6889dfaa46 $ZSH is the OMZ installation folder, not configuration 8 years ago
ncanceill 04c2d29398 mention $ZSH_CUSTOM as suggested in #2295 8 years ago
ncanceill f9ad3686bb suggest setting $LANG to fix #1286 and fix #1823 8 years ago
Foivos e97811913b Improve comments 8 years ago
Foivos be6b1b3b8f Improve comments 8 years ago
Andrew Vit 1e9f55f09d Add configuration placeholders to installer template 10 years ago
David Strawn 9d2b5c841e Fixed comments in zshrc.zsh-template about disabling auto updates. 8 years ago
dongweiming 77cf869605 Add option for show in the command execution time stamp in the history 9 years ago
Jeremy Attali e41714d72c Added option to allow untracked files as non dirty 9 years ago
Chris Borgia 52dc3b99f9 Edited Grammar in template file 9 years ago
Robby Russell ded745bf14 Modifying documentation in zshrc template for new config option 9 years ago
Eric Danielson 200a25818a Add UPDATE_ZSH_DAYS setting 9 years ago
Morgan Larosa 682961e930 Add a configuration option to disable autocorrect 10 years ago
Michael Holachek f999fd8e12 Added example aliases in ZSH template. Added a new theme. 10 years ago
Trevor Wennblom a21dc477c2 add note about custom plugins 10 years ago
Jason Whittle de29ef809d Change default zshrc to export $ZSH (as required by check_for_upgrade.sh). 10 years ago
Robby Russell 9d67d75b0a Revert "Enable red dots during completion by default". 11 years ago
Loïc Yhuel fc49b4a4de Enable red dots during completion by default 11 years ago
Loïc Yhuel 0848acfb25 Display red dots during completion process (disabled by default) 11 years ago
Robby Russell 6f7d51c68d Feature: Random themes now supported. Just set your theme to 'random' and it'll load a different theme each time oh-my-zsh is started. Closes #309 11 years ago
Lorrin Nelson 06063ab695 Introduce DISABLE_AUTO_TITLE option 11 years ago