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Font Awesome icon list for Rofi

I generated this Font Awesome icon lists to be used as a quick search/select tool utilizing rofi, xclip and xdotool.

There are 3 lists available:

  • Default for pasting the icon class
  • Unicode for pasting the unicode
  • f5-icon-list.txt same as Default, but updated for Font Awesome 5 Free and without colors.


  • Obviously you will need Rofi.
  • The actual Font Awesome font
  • A CLI clipboard utility like xclip, xsel or pbpaste.
  • xdotool (or another tool to simulate keyboard input and mouse activity)



curl -s | rofi -dmenu -i -markup-rows -p "" -columns 6 -width 100 -location 1 -lines 20 -bw 2 -yoffset -2 | cut -d\' -f2

Quick and dirty

echo -n "<i class='fa fa-$(curl -s | rofi -dmenu -i -markup-rows -p "" -columns 6 -width 100 -location 1 -lines 20 -bw 2 -yoffset -2 | cut -d\' -f2 )'></i>" | xclip -selection clipboard && xdotool key ctrl+shift+v

Add icon to clipboard (f5-icon-list)

options='-columns 6 -width 100 -lines 20 -bw 2 -yoffset -2 -location 1'

  cat f5-icon-list.txt \
    | rofi -dmenu -i -markup-rows \
    -p "Select icon: ")

# exit if nothing is selected
[[ -z $selected ]] && exit

echo -ne $(echo "$selected" |\
  awk -F';' -v RS='>' '
    NR==2{sub("&#x","",$1);print "\\u" $1;exit}'
) |  xclip -selection clipboard

Compose your own shell script and do as you like.

Use fontawesome-menu script