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Luke Smith c08c3a2fb0
fix #936
4 days ago
dunst colors fix 3 months ago
fontconfig Add `Braille` font family to `monospace` @ fontconfig (#901) 7 months ago
gtk-2.0 Update gtkrc-2.0 (#469) 2 years ago
gtk-3.0 merger of bin 2 years ago
lf follow symlinks when detecting filetype in lf (#1052) 2 months ago
mpd pulse default in mpd 2 years ago
mpv mpv: fix error on launch by removing directories inside mpv's scripts directory (#1004) 4 months ago
ncmpcpp ncmpcpp reversion and junk removal 2 years ago
newsboat close #1002 4 months ago
nvim Resets cursor position on file save (Issue #1040) (#1057) 1 month ago
pinentry sysact rewrite and minor stuff (#1000) 4 months ago
pipewire fix #1037 2 months ago
pulse pulseaudio fix for artix 1 year ago
shell fix #936 4 days ago
sxiv/exec bm-dirs update 1 year ago
wal postrun fix 3 months ago
wget move wget hsts file to cache 2 years ago
x11 pulseaudio replaced with pipewire 2 months ago
zathura Use g instead of gg in zathura (#900) 11 months ago
zsh battery warning fix; zsh beam simplified 1 year ago
mimeapps.list assume default values if xdg dirs not set 2 years ago
user-dirs.dirs xdg material moved to zprofile 2 years ago