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  lelgenio 92dbacc156 fix greeting function 1 week ago
  lelgenio d26124cf59 add search engines 1 week ago
  lelgenio b07618aeae change volume icon 1 week ago
  lelgenio d8137b3925 cleanup 1 week ago
  lelgenio f45cee0cf9 add mpv and imv 2 weeks ago
  lelgenio dab5cfcf25 use wayland env vars only when starting sway 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio 6c489692d7 Use custom mpd status script 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio 875fd27d96 don't bother me :/ 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio e73d297bcd properly export variables 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio b339a45d03 fix multimonitor bug 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio 6c2f3083a6 better window duplication 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio bf65aff148 add kanshi 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio ac960bff68 save cwd 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio 1869cf92c1 quiet window movement 3 weeks ago
  lelgenio 01627e7e9f remove round-vol 4 weeks ago
  lelgenio 4b5a23d87e add screenshotsh 4 weeks ago
  lelgenio adea65d733 add volumesh 4 weeks ago
  lelgenio 6c1a0dd551 fix fish, add searches and improve kanshi 1 month ago
  lelgenio 721430a6b7 fix bug 1 month ago
  lelgenio 9ee197332e add theme settings 1 month ago
  lelgenio 05ecd5419d fix greeting 1 month ago
  lelgenio a05605a43a 😎😎😎😎😎 1 month ago
  lelgenio 3bea36ab3d add crontab 1 month ago
  lelgenio 75911ef50a wow, such improvement, wow 1 month ago
  lelgenio 1f7f39b6f3 sway dwt off 1 month ago
  lelgenio ceeb566f7a start window manager 1 month ago
  lelgenio 889b89f544 Merge branch 'novo' into main 1 month ago
  lelgenio bbdb0e0db5 fish greeting 1 month ago
  lelgenio 2776e5de5a a 1 month ago
  lelgenio 16ca3dd323 add neomutt 1 month ago
  lelgenio 4d495e7c6e remove sudo/doas from light command 1 month ago
  lelgenio bfe2425a9b fix tabs font 1 month ago
  lelgenio 7a74abcc06 v 1 month ago
  lelgenio 9f6b866392 move to wget 1 month ago
  lelgenio 3fb4456174 Add dav vdirsyncer, khard and khal 1 month ago
  lelgenio d72c67176a Merge branch 'main' of git.disroot.org:lelgenio/dotfiles into main 1 month ago
  lelgenio 4cbcc22aa5 make vim better 1 month ago
  lelgenio 8c3797f8fd fine tuning 1 month ago
  lelgenio cdb4eb9335 Atualizar 'README.md' 1 month ago
  lelgenio 559f1fb79a very minor stuff 1 month ago
  lelgenio 708450aab5 make choosing language server easier 1 month ago
  lelgenio 00f22ed2d0 caps as backspace 1 month ago
  lelgenio 7b59e1814c fish fix vi mode 1 month ago
  lelgenio f17f18aab9 disable nerdtree key 1 month ago
  lelgenio 1046c0a980 flatten tree 1 month ago
  lelgenio 48a3d1d4a2 bump 1 month ago
  Leonardo Eugenio 560aedb75d Atualizar README.md, image.png arquivos 1 month ago
  Leonardo Eugenio 250057895c Adicionar LICENSE 1 month ago
  lelgenio 825675f93e prepare for gruv maybe? 1 month ago
  lelgenio 6f06bb3a7a stash3 1 month ago