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This is an unofficial DEB package of the Experimental adaptive branch of gpodder.

I do not expect this package to be included in any mobile distro because, I believe that the proper way for this to be done is for the gpodder project to merge into master the adaptive branch so that there is a blessed build that can be uploaded into Debian and thus benefit all mobile distros.

I made this package because:

  • I wanted to practice packaging applications as DEB packages
  • I want a podcast client on my Linux phone that is a DEB package and not a flatpak package

So I made this to have a deb based podcast application while I wait for the work in upstream gpodder to be concluded. Once there are official adaptive podcast applications in Debian Testing, I will delete this repo.

This was tested only on my device. And it worked. Being a non official package, you are on your own when you install this. Dont annoy, your distros developers with bugs about this package. Bug me.

Downloading the package

You can download it from here:


From the same directory where the package was downloaded to, run the command:

sudo apt install ./gpodder_3.10.21+1-1_all.deb

Building the package from the deb source

This package was built based on the repo: from the debian/latest branch. So you can check the commit log to see every change I did to it.

The repo itself is a copy of:

You can build the package yourself on a Debian based system by installing:

sudo apt install git build-essential devscripts

apt install --no-install-recommends git-buildpackage

Check the Build-Depends dependencies here:

And running the commands:

git clone

cd into the gpodder directory

git checkout debian/latest

and run the command:

debuild -us -uc -b

A thanks to Debian

I was able to make this repo in like 30 min, because I basically copied the Debian directory from the official debian package at ( and made like 3 minor tweaks to it.

So thanks to the debian team for making the official gpodder package.

Debian rocks!!!