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  David Seaward 07a44b74d0 Merge branch '7_prompt_for_address' into 'master' 11 months ago
  Birin Sanchez b4b714d6b3 Prompt for address instead of username. 11 months ago
  David Seaward 794397eaca correct format for debian package name 1 year ago
  Birin Sanchez f6ef088a3b Add usage instructions for tunnel setup. 1 year ago
  David Seaward c11a657d5d Merge branch '239_use_setup.cfg' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Birin Sanchez caa9786f7f Use setup.cfg for Setuptools. 1 year ago
  David Seaward 8f1671ed94 Merge branch 'licensing' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Birin Sanchez e8568e401a Licensing for GPL-2.0-or-later added. 1 year ago
  David Seaward 418583b36b Merge branch 'tunnel_setup' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Birin Sanchez 01a3c5152a Initial commit of Network-Manager tunnel setup script. 1 year ago
  David Seaward 081a1f2b1e Redefine skeleton as ldh_client. Update install-from-source docs. 1 year ago
  David Seaward a7075ed846 rename operator tool (shipwright > whipstaff) 1 year ago
  David Seaward 6275756bc7 rename lsh to ldh 1 year ago
  David Seaward 9695bc5ff9 full texts 1 year ago
  David Seaward 852c93e3a1 change name, add full texts for licence, origin and code of conduct 1 year ago
  David Seaward ab96d08593 Define dev environment 2 years ago
  David Seaward b5c59d62af add lockfile, update README with new names/URLs 2 years ago
  David Seaward 605e21504c click application skeleton 2 years ago