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## Disclaimer:
**This is an unofficial DEB package of shipments.**
I made this package because:
- I wanted to practice packaging applications as DEB packages
This was tested only on my device. And it worked. Being a non official package, you are on your own when you install this. Dont annoy, your distros developers with bugs about this package. Bug me.
## Downloading the package
You can download it from here: https://git.disroot.org/maryjane/shipments-deb-package/raw/branch/master/shipments_0.1-1_all.deb
## installing
From the same directoty where the package is run the command:
`sudo apt install ./shipments_0.1-1_all.deb`
## Building the package from the deb source
This package was built based on the repo:
`hhttps://git.disroot.org/maryjane/shipments` from the `debian/latest` branch. So you can check the commit log to see every change I did to it.
The repo itself is a copy of: which is a copy of: `https://git.sr.ht/~martijnbraam/shipments`
You can build the package yourself on a Debian based system by installing:
`sudo apt install git build-essential devscripts`
`apt install --no-install-recommends git-buildpackage`
Check the Build-Depends dependencies here:
And running the commands:
`git clone https://git.disroot.org/maryjane/shipments.git`
cd into the `shipments` directory
`git checkout debian/latest`
and run the command:
`debuild -us -uc -b`