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bash commands

DONE work in bash tutorial

CLOCK: [2021-09-08 mié 18:52][2021-09-08 mié 19:22] => 0:30 CLOCK: [2021-09-04 sáb 16:04][2021-09-04 sáb 16:34] => 0:30 CLOCK: [2021-09-04 sáb 15:19][2021-09-04 sáb 15:49] => 0:30

Execute stuffs

Show command history


The file can be found in the user home:


Backup a file

Using "cp"

cp bbdb{,.bak}

Backups with tar (tape archiver)

Back up of "home"

  • c = create file
  • v = verbose
  • f = write to a file/device
  • z = compress the file (gzip) ""
  • j = compress the file (bzip2)
tar -czvf /tmp/home.tar.gz /home

Simple code to encrypt


gpg -c X
gpg X

Use the code to remove the original file:

shred --remove X

Download files

This code download the file and the argument -O is to rename the file

wget -O new_file


  • mount /what /where

    • what = device name
    • where = directory

      • /mnt = devices that mount occasionally
      • /media = devices that mount frequently

Evaluate time to load

In emacs:

time emacs --eval '(save-buffers-kill-terminal)'

Cool commands

cal # calendar
clear # clear output
uname # display system information (-r, -p, -a)
wc # wordcount (file name)
date # check the date