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* Bash tutorial
[[][Bash]] (Bourne Again Shell) is a shell commonly used on GNU-Linux systems for
multiple purposes. Knowing about bash is an enjoyable experience and a great
opportunity to learn about computers, files, directories and programs.
** Basics
* [[./tutorial/][Describing hardware]]
* [[./tutorial/][Knowing about variables]]
* [[./tutorial/][Using dictionaries and translation tools]]
* [[./tutorial/][Listing process]]
* [[./tutorial/][Move or rename files]]
* [[./tutorial/][What exactly are input, output and standard error?]]
** Appearance, screens
* [[./tutorial/][xrandr: working with two screens in i3-wm]]
** Manuals, documentation
* [[./tutorial/][Reading the fabulous manuals!]]
** Users
* [[./tutorial/][How to add users]]
* [[./tutorial/][Changing file permissions: 'chmod' and 'chown']]
** File manipulation
* [[./tutorial/][Display files: 'less', 'head' and 'tail' commands]]
* [[./tutorial/][Learning about files and directories]]
* [[./tutorial/][Searching for files in the system]]
* [[./tutorial/][Comparing two files or directories]]
* [[./tutorial/][Using dd command to flash usb]]
* [[./tutorial/][Compress a pdf file]]
* [[./tutorial/][Searching and editing configuration files]]
* [[./tutorial/][Use package manager in Parabola GNU-linux: verify packages in cache]]
* [[./tutorial/][Removing packages in Parabola GNU-Linux]]
** Disk space utilization and manipulation
* [[./tutorial/][Exploring disk space with 'ncdu']]
** File conversion
* [[./tutorial/][Convert office files to pdf]]
* [[./tutorial/][Convert markup text to multiple formats using 'pandoc']]
* [[./tutorial/][Convert pdf to text or html using 'poppler']]
* [[./tutorial/][Convert videos]]
** Scripting
* [[./tutorial/][Using 'rmlint' to clean your hard disk]]
* [[./tutorial/][How to run bash scripts]]
* [[./tutorial/][How to run R-scripts]]
** File transfer
* [[./tutorial/][Using 'croc' to tranfer files between machines]]
* [[./tutorial/][A really nice feature: streaming from terminal!]]
* [[./tutorial/][Download from terminal: wget curl, pandoc ]]
** Text edition
* [[./tutorial/][Using 'sed' editor to substitute text]]
** Gawk - GNU-awk
* [[./tutorial/][GNU-awk program: a nice tool!]]