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* Emacs tutorial
Some hints to use GNU-emacs
Emacs is a modular and extensible text editor. Users can customize and use only the specific packages that are needed for their tasks.
Emacs is free software project with many years of development and a very active and friendly community.
Emacs can be used for multiple purposes, for instance:
- Edit files from different programming languages or any plain text
- Access a shell and execute tasks in a machine
- Write, edit and export text in multiple formats (html, odt, pdf...)
- Read texts (pdf, epub, html...)
- Create slides/presentations
- Build diagrams
- Browse the internet
- Explore and edit a computer file system
- Keep track of tasks using agenda, daily, contact list, "to-do" list...
- Arrange and track multiple projects and tasks
- Use your email
- Listen music and watch videos
- Many more...
** Contents
*** First steps
* [[./doc/init_emacs.org][How to initialize emacs]]
* [[./doc/help.org][Find manuals and help to use emacs]]
* [[./doc/packages.org][Dealing with packages in emacs]]
* [[./doc/dired.org][How to use 'dired']]
* [[./doc/links_emacs.org][Links to learn more about emacs]]
* [[./doc/compile.org][Compiling emacs in GNU linux]]
*** How to 'move' in emacs buffers
* [[./doc/movement.org][Movement and text edition]]
* [[./doc/using_meta.org][Using 'meta' (M-x)]]
* [[./doc/using_alt.org][Using 'Alt' (M)]]
* [[./doc/using_ctrl_x.org][Using 'CTRL + x']]
* [[./doc/using_ctrl.org][Using 'CTRL']]
*** Working with files
* [[./doc/ido.org][Using 'ido' mode]]
* [[./doc/replace_text_mutiple_files.org][Replace text in multiple files using 'dired']]
*** Emacs org-mode
* [[./doc/org_intro.org][Introduction to emacs org-mode]]
* [[./doc/orgbabel.org][Introduction to org babel: literating programming in emacs]]
* [[./doc/citations.org][How to include bibliograpic references in org documents]]
* [[./doc/org_images.org][Including images in org files]]
*** Statistics and data science
* [[./doc/R_in_emacs.org][Using R in emacs]]
* [[./doc/python_in_emacs.org][Using Python in emacs]]
*** More nice things to know
* [[./doc/ledger.org][Using ledger in emacs]]
** Contenido
* [[./spa/porque_usar_emacs.org][Una breve introducción al uso de emacs]]