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Adblocker Rules

These adblock filters you will find inside this repository will in some degree be a supportive to the more common know filters like EasyList or AdGuard.


Some important notes is this project started as a private project, however as the time how parsed by, it looks like other users are using one or more of our rules and filter, just as we are including 3rd party filters.

This means the precision in the filtering rules might not be as sharp as they could have been if this have been a major part of my portfolio,but this is purely a side project.


I can't guarantee these filers won't cause problems. If you found problems, report it by filling in all the mandatory items in Issue template; otherwise reports can be ignored. Anyone who uses any of my filters/codes shall be deemed to have agreed that I have no responsibility or liability for costs, losses, damages, etc. arising from the use of the filters/codes. Unless Subscribe link is provided these filters are assumed to be copied and pasted, or imported, into My filters/rules (Adblock Plus / uBlock Origin) or User Rules (AdGuard).


Our HTML front end can be found at

Subscribe to the rules

Click here to activate these rules in your Adblocker

The following Lnks will provide you with different resulting filters. 0xacab Editions should be the most advanced and compressed thanks to the @adguard/hostlist-compiler compiler, where the GH editions relay on the abp filter script.

You should also be able to subscribe directly to the rules by right-click any of the following urls, choose <Adblocker> => <Subscribe to the filterlist>

Issues and comments

The one and only place to report any issues or post a comment are as following:

  • Issues with any rules is reported on the My Privacy DNS Site.
  • Commit Comments are posted on the individual commit's on the My Privacy DNS Site, in case you don't think it need a Issues.
  • Common questions, non specific filter topics, goes straight to the Support board on the My Privacy DNS Site.
  • Any comments or issues posted elsewhere will in the future be ignored in full. The grace period is excised.

github.com is in only a full backup of We do no longer operate at Github do to there anti-privacy terms of usage.

Writing filters

File structure

File naming Supported filter types
_domain. These filter lists is to ad rules based on a domain specific level. IF / WHEN a rules is covering more than one domain, you should add it to the corresponding _rule filters
_rule The place for rules covering more than one domain.
adult_*.blacklist This is as the filename indicating the place to add NSFW ONLY contents AND only if it do not match any other filter(s)
adware_*.blacklist Let take a guess, any promotional contents this is external as internal ads
annoyance_*.blacklist Any kind of rules which did not fit into any other filter(s) and which does not as such brakes the functionality of the site.
anti_social_*.blacklist filters that can help preventing building any kind of tracking links to any spyware domain like google, yandex, facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Telegram or similar (anti-)"social" and anti-democracy places.
anti_whitelist_*.blacklist Found a rules elsewhere your would like to encounter, this is the filters for it.
cookie_*.blacklist Everything preventing cookies being set, where not needed or used for any sorts of tracking/spying/logging 🍪 (1st & 3rd party)
noise.txt ⚠️ WARNING! The following filter, WILL bring interruption to sites functionality. These rules are to clean up sites by removing all the unnecessary noise, bit like @yourduskquibbles webannoyances, but breaking things doesn't matter AT ALL
spyware_*.blacklist Filter preventing any kind of tracking, spying and alike. If you have to ask, you need to read SpyWare Wiki
whitelist_*.whitelist Probably not very used... But it can come in handy sometimes protecting something to keep is spinning....

Sorting filters

We are sorting the rules based on the second level domain in the _domain. filters. In the _rule we sort based on the letter/number [a-zA-Z0-9] disregarding the actual filter first are present at the 3rd argument.


In this rules we like to hide the .modal-backdrop but to actually succeed with this, will need some more arguments.


This should be sorted by the first s

Filter Inclusion - Exclusions

We will only in sevier cases include any rules that could/can be blocked by a DNS related firewall like DNS RPZ.

IF a rules is included, this will be to support the tor-browser where any local firewall rule is bypassed.

Writing filter guides

Howto? block whitelisted spyware: (https://github.com/easylist/easylist/issues/4529 SpyWare infected domain)

$ always needs to exist, if you're going to use a modifier.
, are used to separate multiple modifier.

Example (single modifier): $script
Example (multiple modifiers): $document,frame,script,stylesheet

Counter other's rules

You can't use badfilter modifiers for cosmetic rules.

For example, #@#.ads can't be disabled with #@#.ads$badfilter

Instead, you need to re-activate the CSS rule with a new blocking rule, which goes under the whitelisting radar (so-to-speak).

To override #@#.ads, something like ##[class="ads"], ##[class^="ads"] or ##[class*="ads"] is needed. The (^ = begins with / * = contains) will work, since #@#.ads only disables/whitelists ##.ads.

  • $badfilter: Deactivates a resource-blocking entry, even if it is present in another list.
  • $important: Makes a resource-blocking entry take precedence over another whitelisting entry.
  • $redirect: Redirects resources to a neutered version that has been embedded in those extensions. Possible options are listed in this file (AdGuard has a slightly smaller selection).
  • $empty: Results in a fake empty page being loaded, instead of an error page.

Source URI's

How to write filters: https://help.eyeo.com/en/adblockplus/how-to-write-filters

badfilter example

If the original rule was like

advertise.js$ script, domain

example.com |xyz.com


advertise.js$ script, domain

example.com, badfilter

is a valid filter, it disables the whitelisted rule only on example.com.

See the dialogue at github

External resources

@Yuki2718 /adblock (https://github.com/Yuki2718/adblock Spyware infected domain) (Pretty much all the rules)

@yourduskquibbles /webannoyances (https://github.com/yourduskquibbles/webannoyances Spyware infected domain)

@ryanbr fanboy-adblock (https://github.com/ryanbr/fanboy-adblock Spyware infected domain)

@pgl yoyo.org

@EasyList easylist.to

@Spam404 /Spam404/lists (https://github.com/Spam404/lists Spyware infected domain)

@migueldemoura ublock-umatrix-rulesets (https://github.com/migueldemoura/ublock-umatrix-rulesets/ Spyware infected domain)

@PeterDaveHello url shorteneres (https://github.com/PeterDaveHello/url-shorteners Spyware infected domain)

And everyone else I've forgot to mention here.
Have a look in the source list


Build tools

we uses the HostlistCompiler https://github.com/AdguardTeam/HostlistCompiler to build our lists

Official mirrors

The following repositories are official mirrors and should (when things goes right) be updated by push on commit

Project Host Metode (push | pull)
Adblocker Rules https://git.disroot.org/my-privacy-dns/adblocker-rules push
Adblocker Rules https://git.kescher.at/my-privacy-dns/adblocker-rules pull
Adblocker Rules https://gitea.slowb.ro/spirillen/adblocker-rules pull
Adblocker Rules https://github.com/mypdns/adblocker-rules push
Adblocker Rules https://gitlab.com/my-privacy-dns/matrix/adblocker-rules push
Adblocker Rules https://notabug.org/my-privacy-dns/adblocker-rules pull
============ ===================================================== ================
Matrix https://git.disroot.org/my-privacy-dns/matrix push
Matrix https://gitea.slowb.ro/spirillen/matrix push
Matrix https://github.com/mypdns/matrix push
Matrix https://gitlab.com/my-privacy-dns/matrix/matrix push
Matrix https://notabug.org/my-privacy-dns/matrix pull

Tanks to

Thanks to @Yuki2718, @THEtomaso, @krystian3w and everyone else who is spreading the knowledge of how rules should be made 😃