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open Logarion
module FS = File_store
module A = Archive
let listing r order_opt reverse_opt number_opt paths_opt authors_opt topics_opt =
let predicates = A.predicate A.authored authors_opt @ A.predicate A.topics topics_opt in
let predicate text = List.fold_left (fun a e -> a && e text) true predicates in
let list_text (t, fnames) = Printf.printf "%s %s %s 𐄁 %s%s\n"
(Text.short_id t) Date.(pretty_date @@ listing t.Text.date)
(Person.Set.to_string ~names_only:true t.Text.authors)
t.Text.title (if paths_opt then (List.fold_left (Printf.sprintf "%s\n@ %s") "" fnames) else "")
match order_opt with
| false -> FS.iter ~r ~predicate list_text
| true ->
let order = match reverse_opt with true -> FS.newest | false -> FS.oldest in
match number_opt with
| Some number -> FS.iter ~r ~predicate ~order ~number list_text
| None -> FS.iter ~r ~predicate ~order list_text
open Cmdliner
let term =
let recurse = Arg.(value & flag & info ["R"] ~doc:"recurse, include subdirs") in
let reverse = Arg.(value & flag & info ["r"] ~doc:"reverse order") in
let time = Arg.(value & flag & info ["t"] ~doc:"sort by time, newest first") in
let paths = Arg.(value & flag & info ["p"] ~doc:"show file paths") in
let number = Arg.(value & opt (some int) None & info ["n"]
~docv:"number" ~doc:"number of entries to list") in
let authed = Arg.(value & opt (some string) None & info ["authored"]
~docv:"comma-separated names" ~doc:"texts by authors") in
let topics = Arg.(value & opt (some string) None & info ["topics"]
~docv:"comma-separated topics" ~doc:"texts with topics") in
Term.(const listing $ recurse $ time $ reverse $ number $ paths $ authed $ topics),
Term.info "list" ~doc:"list texts" ~man:[ `S "DESCRIPTION";
`P "List header information for current directory. If -R is used, list header
information for texts found in subdirectories too, along with their filepaths" ]