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module type S = sig
include Syntax.S
type t
val parse: Cursor.t -> t -> t
module type Sub_parsers = sig
type t
val subparsers: (module S with type t = t) array
let at s e cur ch = if s cur ch then Cursor.find_end e cur else None
let apply_default (type a) (module P: S with type t = a) (acc: a) cursor_default cursor =
if cursor_default = cursor then acc
else P.parse (Cursor.sub ~right:(cursor.Cursor.pos) cursor_default) acc
let rec branch: type a. ?idx:int -> a -> Cursor.t -> Cursor.t -> (module S with type t = a) array -> (a * Cursor.t) =
fun ?idx:(i=1) acc cursor_default cursor syntaxes ->
if Cursor.overran cursor then (apply_default syntaxes.(0) acc cursor_default cursor), cursor
try let (module P: S with type t = a) = syntaxes.(i) in
(match at P.s P.e cursor (Cursor.char cursor) with
| Some right ->
let acc = apply_default syntaxes.(0) acc cursor_default cursor in
let acc = P.parse (Cursor.sub ~right cursor) acc in
let cursor = Cursor.sub ~left:right cursor in
branch acc cursor cursor syntaxes
| None | exception Invalid_argument _ -> branch ~idx:(i+1) acc cursor_default cursor syntaxes)
with Invalid_argument _ ->
branch acc cursor_default (Cursor.next_char cursor) syntaxes
let rec parse subsyntaxes cursor acc =
if Cursor.overran cursor then acc
let acc, cursor = branch acc cursor cursor subsyntaxes in
parse subsyntaxes cursor acc