7700 Commits (8ea0690e3a0f69a9350245628f058daf8d367027)

Author SHA1 Message Date
jubb 8ea0690e3a fix: remove sh-rHR strings due to localisation error 7 months ago
jubb 87045b1d55 build: update build number and versio nname 7 months ago
Harris 164937aaa3
Remove the read and typing indication on startup (#812) 7 months ago
Harris 28b97e45cc
Remove ID copy interactions (#811) 7 months ago
ceokot 44f5684b21
feat: Update open group avatars periodically (#807) 7 months ago
Harris 5601da0e22
fix: replace alpha update with isVisible to not intercept tap from message gestures (#809) 7 months ago
Harris 34569ff1da
build: update translations with latest values (#808) 7 months ago
ceokot 15f5ac10ec
feat: Add conversation pinning (#806) 7 months ago
Harris 546a6ec3f7
Merge pull request #805 from ceokot/fix_open_group_trimming 7 months ago
ceokot c25795fa53 fix: Include empty open groups in the conversation list query 7 months ago
Harris 6a11c0d375
Merge pull request #804 from ceokot/fix_control_message_date_breaks 7 months ago
ceokot ba51102b6d Add message date break extension function to reduce duplication 7 months ago
ceokot a966623db2 Add conversation constants file 7 months ago
ceokot bfe91427ab fix: Add date breaks on control messages 7 months ago
jubb 0ba9e4938d build: increase build number 8 months ago
Harris 2c3ec423bc
Merge pull request #800 from hjubb/fix_open_group_requests 8 months ago
jubb b55d0ad270 fix: treat result as number and convert to Long 8 months ago
jubb 19384eeb5b build: increase build number 8 months ago
Harris a1b2e79108
Merge pull request #772 from hjubb/activate_unsends 8 months ago
jubb f2f906fd3e refactor: closed groups delete for yourself and handle unsend request if it's from yourself or author now 8 months ago
Harris 00d6ce76b5 fix: contacts without stored profile information display similar to closed groups for unsend 9 months ago
Harris 0b062074b1 feat: switch unsend flag 9 months ago
Harris f87fb2b9bb
Merge pull request #767 from hjubb/incognito_keyboard 9 months ago
Harris b925133a76
Merge pull request #769 from hjubb/fix_npe_conversation_list_handler 9 months ago
Harris 0755f0b953 fix: conversationListNotificationHandler initialized in getter if null and removed from onCreate 9 months ago
Harris 13dc28231d fix: respect the incognito flag in the user's preferences 9 months ago
Harris e8a2bbe76d fix: saving log external instead of session blob 9 months ago
Harris a55c9a969b refactor: replace settings string for sharing logs, change extension to .txt to make things easier 9 months ago
Harris 3997fcebc2 refactor: output appropriate file names for the apks 9 months ago
Harris 8f4a5c7469 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/dev' 9 months ago
Harris 8a2a80e9e1 build: increase build number 9 months ago
Harris d190ac8335
Merge pull request #765 from hjubb/restore_log_report 9 months ago
Harris 37f9ef3b1a Merge branch 'dev' into restore_log_report 9 months ago
Harris f56a16b31d refactor: remove pubkey logs from poller log spam and move attachment download job to rx queue 9 months ago
Harris 678d8094a1
Merge pull request #739 from ianmacd/pr1 9 months ago
Harris 3b7f7f03cd
Merge pull request #752 from hjubb/startup_performance 9 months ago
Harris 91b876589a refactor: move db module init before injection and replace ApplicationContext db component access to static function to get the component 9 months ago
Harris d130ba5432 fix: oom from too many db instances, adding singletons to limit object creation 9 months ago
Harris 0516526923 refactor: use hilt to provide DB instead of our own factory, inject it in some places where possible 9 months ago
Harris e036344c76 refactor: performance improvements in batch message processing, synchronized cache access and audible message notifications. 9 months ago
Harris c67d164db6 Merge branch 'dev' 9 months ago
Harris c21a75c880 feat: finish share log dialog 10 months ago
Harris a295cc384c feat: add share logs dialogs into settings activity 10 months ago
Harris 17b58b09e3 feat: add persistent logger and integrate it to the loggers initialization 10 months ago
Ian Macdonald 7b3035104d
Display the service node's IP address after its country. 10 months ago
Harris 5a290ddf68 build: bump the version number 10 months ago
Harris b3a850a876 feat: instantly scroll to bottom if already smooth scrolling on button tap 10 months ago
Harris 00c2642b47
Merge pull request #731 from hjubb/self_messages_display_read 10 months ago
Harris 0111807fa5
Merge pull request #730 from hjubb/closed_group_create_message 10 months ago
Harris b61613ed09
Merge pull request #725 from hjubb/multi_device_expiry 10 months ago