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jubb 1e7236a986 feat: release v1.11.13 (2355) 2 weeks ago
Kee Jefferys 32a1d14ef3
Fix Uppercase 4 weeks ago
Kee Jefferys 8d8743d053
Merge pull request #4 from frostedkitsune/master 4 weeks ago
Kee Jefferys 6df79e30ec Update Readme and Index pages 4 weeks ago
Frosted Kitsune fef74c9c51
Update README.md 4 weeks ago
Frosted Kitsune 521bb1efec
Add README.md, Update Index.html 4 weeks ago
jubb 17874c9d75 feat: release v1.11.12 (2315) 1 month ago
Harris b51a9993b4 feat: release v1.11.11 (2295) 2 months ago
Harris 552e5c349b feat: release v1.11.10 (2225) 2 months ago
Harris efd59b8539 feat: release v1.11.9 (2215) 3 months ago
Harris 0f524b82d9 feat: release v1.11.8 (2185) 4 months ago
jubb a048e3caee feat: release v1.11.7 (2175) 4 months ago
Harris f7097986f6 feat: release v1.11.6 (2105) 4 months ago
Harris 37c14f69eb feat: release v1.11.5 (2065) 5 months ago
jubb 41958fa6ce feat: release v1.11.4 (2035) 5 months ago
jubb 4f9751bb64 feat: release v1.11.3 (1995) 5 months ago
jubb c2813e52be feat: release v1.11.2 (1935) 5 months ago
Harris 972dcf9bdf feat: release v1.11.1 (1905) 5 months ago
Harris 2c9dea1ded new release v1.10.13 6 months ago
jubb 3d2eebf5b2 new release 6 months ago
jubb 07af6e5203 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oxen-io/session-fdroid 6 months ago
jubb 3dbc33bb7a latest release 6 months ago
Kee Jefferys 2a0a70f1f8
Update index.html 7 months ago
jubb f5e42e29de new release v1.10.7 7 months ago
jubb 96b4031b61 feat: new update v1.10.6 7 months ago
jubb b443b34920 feat: new release 7 months ago
jubb f4d9514dcd new release 7 months ago
jubb f105b3bbd1 feat: publish v1.10.0 7 months ago
jubb 3d61008657 feat: move apk to correct place 8 months ago
jubb 41b0c64b43 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oxen-io/session-fdroid 8 months ago
jubb 4ac1d26202 feat: new release 8 months ago
Harris 156e2ed592
Merge pull request #1 from oxen-io/add_fingerprint_to_index_link 8 months ago
Harris 2534628f72
feat: add fingerprint to link 8 months ago
jubb e3295cddf9 feat: add release 1.9.0 8 months ago
Kee Jefferys 4d6375dbc9
Update index.html 8 months ago
jubb 0f959ed79c add latest versions 9 months ago
Kee Jefferys 4067d53c42
Update index.html 9 months ago
Kee Jefferys 545a40a6dd
Update index.html 9 months ago
Kee Jefferys 6258fe0206
Update index.html 9 months ago
Kee Jefferys ce3fd03426
Update index.html 9 months ago
Kee Jefferys c541a13ba2
Create index.html 9 months ago
jubb 60cf54619c update to point to fdroid subdomain 9 months ago
jubb 8a197d3f6a Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oxen-io/session-fdroid 9 months ago
jubb 5e1c96663f update repo url 9 months ago
Kee Jefferys ec5601732d Create CNAME 9 months ago
jubb f4f0f5c461 initial 9 months ago