A private messenger for iOS.
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ryanzhao dbcc158337 fix unsend bugs 1 month ago
Contacts Rename profilePictureEncryptionKey → profileEncryptionKey 4 months ago
Database minor fix on conversation ordering 2 months ago
File Server Add get Session version file server endpoint 6 months ago
Jobs fix remove job id concurrent issue 2 months ago
Messages potentially fix a crash when setting nickname from null 2 months ago
Meta Remove unused code 7 months ago
Open Groups Include destination info in error messages 5 months ago
Protos add unsend request proto 4 months ago
Sending & Receiving fix unsend bugs 1 month ago
Threads fix first message not being functional issue 2 months ago
To Do Fully switch to the new contact API 4 months ago
Utilities fix PN sound settings not applying to remote PNs 2 months ago
Configuration.swift Redesign conversation screen part 1 10 months ago
Storage.swift Revert "WIP: download attachments in NSE" 3 months ago