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PirateBoxScripts with Modifications for running in a Webserver

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© 2012-2019 Matthias Strubel

Licensed under the GNU GPLv3


PirateBox is a collection of scripts / programs that allows you to use your wireless card as a local network to share files and chat anonymously. For more information please visit


Packages contains only scripts based PirateBox scripts with running lighttpd webserver.

PirateBox scripts can:

  • Setup WLAN Interface via iw
  • Setup hotspot functionality (hostapd)
  • Setup IP Adresses of wlan interface
  • Proping until USB-WLAN is available
  • Can add wlan interface to an existing bridge
  • Sets Up a DHCP Server with redirect to wlan-interface IP
  • Upload landing page (via iframe droopy)
  • Browse Uploaded files
  • Announce "Internet yes" for iOS
  • Announce "Internet yes" for MS devices
  • ShoutBox
  • Optional small Python forum
  • Optional imageboard
  • Optional Station counter
  • Optional Inihibit starting upload-script
  • Optional Timesave script (for devices without RTC) - can be found in piratebox/bin/
  • Optional Poll for WLAN device until it available (for USB wifi cards)
  • Optional IRC-Server

More information can be found on Installation tutorial and current download link:

Is supported by mkPirateBox > v0.5 for OpenWRT Systems and by PirateBox Manager


PirateBox should be in most common repositories soon, but in the meantime you can go to


PirateBox is going to be discontinued. Read this forum post for more information.