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  qorg11 8cf0922070
Added $STORE_LINKS (line 35) which allows the user to echo the 1 week ago
  qorg11 1ce7380466
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:qorg11/lainsafe 1 month ago
  qorg11 34363928cc
Updated bitcoin address 1 month ago
  Dustin Van Tate Testa d23a85bac6
add aur package to readme (#8) 1 month ago
  qorg11 c01d7cdc95
Added donation stuff 1 month ago
  qorg11 f5967c88c0
Fix indendation in http/upload.cgi 1 month ago
  qorg11 47312a4d7c
Deleted useless lines of code 1 month ago
  qorg11 430df19608
Now you can tell the shit which file extensions you can't upload 1 month ago
  qorg11 4f70a9db11
Fixed typo in README.MD 1 month ago
  qorg11 5cf19efe6b
Packages installation 1 month ago
  qorg11 32f9272595
Added git repo in the bottom of the site 1 month ago
  qorg11 b3a6b70f31
Created makefile and fix shit on the manpage 1 month ago
  qorg11 68c721bfb6
Some fixes to the manual 1 month ago
  qorg11 a13f7b3f7d
whoops 1 month ago
  qorg11 3c6d911f24
Added lainsafecli manual 1 month ago
  qorg11 7330c757e0
Recommend installing LWP::UserAgent::https 1 month ago
  qorg11 57dd53d582
Edited readme.md (--file is useless in newer versions) 2 months ago
  qorg11 9ad059a510
Whoops 3 months ago
  qorg11 b43a9155f1
Fixed typos and improved docs 3 months ago
  qorg11 911418aac5
My mistake 3 months ago
  qorg11 1e7343e6cb
Whoops 3 months ago
  qorg11 b3c06dd76a
Added documentation for upload.cgi 3 months ago
  qorg11 f154c62f70
Added documentation 3 months ago
  qorg11 3f14f50674
I'm the stupidest human alive. 3 months ago
  qorg11 810ef93471
Cleaned code. A bit. 3 months ago
  qorg11 ee791ee09b
Added variable 3 months ago
  qorg11 e4efd404ed
fuck "my" 3 months ago
  qorg11 3d45e1748a
I'm retarded 3 months ago
  qorg11 fdd5a98080
Added status to index 3 months ago
  qorg11 1b8373f03e
--file not needed anymore, cleaned up code in lainsafecli and upload.cgi 3 months ago
  qorg11 3a54151592
Added TODO 3 months ago
  qorg11 7e20199b19 Change default server 3 months ago
  qorg11 5f74afc080
Really are there websites that use user agent protection? 3 months ago
  qorg11 4307938092
Initial commit 3 months ago