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My personal Ubuntu build. https://rauldipeas.github.io/respin-rdx
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Respin RDX

This is my personal compilation of the Ubuntu flavours.

The system base is optimized for multimedia content creation (audio, video and image), based on the checking parameters of the rtcqs.

A few extras are included:

  • Linux RDX (my personal Linux kernel build)
  • Mainline (updating tool for ubuntu kernel)
  • Linux XanMod (custom Linux kernel)
  • CFS Zen tweaks (task scheduler with responsiveness improvements)
  • ZSwap (alternative memory manager)
  • nohang (prevent OOM)
  • MESA (latest drivers for AMD and Intel GPUs)
  • ALSA firmware (additional drivers for audio interfaces)
  • JACK (low latency audio server)
  • udev-rtirq (high priority rules for audio interface management)
  • Synaptic (package manager)
  • nala (Python APT front-end)
  • Pacstall (software repository for the Debian base, close to the Arch Linux AUR)
  • LinuxBrew (additional package manager for CLI apps)
  • apt-rollback (tool to revert packages installed in a specific time period)
  • pipx (python package installer with isolated environments)
  • Timeshift (backup tool)
  • Firefox (internet browser, binary directly from the Mozilla website)
  • Thunderbird (e-mail client, binary directly from the Mozilla website)
  • LibreOffice (updated office suite)
  • Papirus (icon theme)
  • unrar (additional support for unzipping files)
  • Docklike (superbar for XFCE panel)
  • Vala Application Menu (appmenu for XFCE panel)
  • CPU-X (hardware info)
  • Kitty (GPU based terminal)

The scripts available in this repository are forked from scripts developed by Marcos Vallim.