twoquarters training tqt
  • Glastonbury, England.
  • To inspirit & enable direct positive actions for a changing world. Promoting alternate perspectives of living, through; knowledge transfer, land-based learning with practicable application and real-world implementation.
  • Joined on Mar 03, 2020
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Codebase for Matrix-Live TODO:

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maintenimiento, restauracion y gestion del acequia encinillas

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an open and flexible learning experience with ActivityPub: on Matrix: domain: **coming soon**

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a working repository for use by the community of La Chaparras, Lanjaron. Andalusia. Spain

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a static site generator, using Hugo & NetlifyCMS

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supporting information for: TWOQUARTERS TRAINING

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supporting documentation for: TWOQUARTERS TRAINING

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The Gatehouse Terrace, at SkyEarth. - is an opensourced reparation project, in collaboration with Colectivo CieloTierra.

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The Hackerspace Blueprint

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