The Python package installer

Updated 11 hours ago

A collection of Python 3 scripts created by me or with help of ChatGPT.

Updated 3 days ago

[WIP](Work in progress) ModemManager and libadwaita based UPI client for Linux desktops and phones

Updated 2 months ago

setup a mesh network without a router

Updated 9 months ago

Utility for changer wallpaper on linux (wm) mirror -

Updated 10 months ago

Simple password generator

Updated 11 months ago

Bot for @discord made with @nextcord

Updated 1 year ago

collection of OB2 scripts, info and other tools relating to OSMTH.

Updated 1 year ago

ZeroNet - Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network

Updated 2 years ago

Lazy ZIP over HTTP

Updated 3 years ago

Social Media Analysis Platform

Updated 3 years ago