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joborun linux wiki home

This is the root file of the wiki set of documents, the how to, FAQ, hacks, tricks, scripts, etc,

base Runit 66 joborun
installation & configuration runit setup 66 setup jobo-setup
installation using our tarball boot user svcs UEFI boot
how to build with joborun jobo-scripts
how to build like joborun pacman issues
local repository building autologin
jobcomm repository

For anything else the Obarun wiki and Arch-Linux wiki should be very helpful, and our system is not that different for those wikis to be invalid, except for items relating to systemd functionality.

Help us and hold us focused to our goals by participating, contributing, arguing (rationally), criticizing, asking dumb and smart questions, pointing out mistakes. Make our goals OUR goals. Of course we don't all think the same, we don't all agree about everything, but we can work towards agreements by discussing rationally our every step and every change.

Also visit our main web page at http://pozol.eu.